Cleric Heal when not cleric

I changed my Cleric to a Footman so I could build him up for a knight, and he kept his healing aura. I’m not sure if this is meant to be in the game or not, but it is extremely broken.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get a cleric to level 2
  2. Change him to a basic Footman
  3. Watch him fight with his aura still healing

Expected Results:
To retain non of his abilities from other Jobs

Actual Results:
He retained the aura buff and continues to use it



Version Number and Mods in use:
Release - 553 (x64)
System Information:


The secret path to the hidden Paladin class :smiley:

Nice bug, think noone has tried this before because of the levels lost in other classes


This bug can be utilize! :imp:

farmer lvl 1 (speedboost) >> trapper lvl 1 (speedboost) >> herbalist >> cleric lvl 3 (aura) >> footman lvl 6 (max dmg) >> knight (final promotion) =

but takes a lot of time. :weary:


Please correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the XP requirements still increase over all achieved levels, so the 2nd level of knight would be like an imaginary 14th level in XP?

If so, I’d say that this is not a bug. If you’re really multiclassing this hard, and you manage to pull off all this XP, you earned it. ^^

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After the recent buffs to XP, it’s actually not super hard (especially if you’re playing on normal). I haven’t done it, but it’s quite the idea.

I didn’t think about that, you have a point. but still…

either way, it’s not hard, just grindy.

It’s a bug. Part of the job component when changing jobs has any earned perks/buffs/abilities/etc. removed.

well this shouldn’t be happening… paging @yshan

Yes this is my bad. I will fix it in A17. It seems like it’s not a majorly breaking bug, so I feel it’s okay to wait until then instead of hot fixing. Enjoy the extra heals! XD
Thank you for reporting this everyone!


This post made my day…

Ya que en anteriores post me informaron de la existencia de miembros de Radiant con los que podia comunicarme en castellano, y a riesgo de decir alguna burrada en inglés, prefiero expresarme en mi idioma si no hay problema con ello :slight_smile:

Juego con muchos workers y si en un momento dado necesito un soldado, o un carpintero, o algo así, pues promociono a uno de mis trabajadores y luego le devuelvo a su estado de worker.
Bien, pues al momento de transformar a uno el clérigo y devolverlo a worker tras usarlo, la pasiva de “área healing” se mantiene aunque este ya no sea un clérigo.
Como no se si esta hecho adrede o es un posible bug, lo comento por aqui.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Promote a worker to clerig
  2. Again, promote to worker
    3)“Area healing” from the clerig class will be up in the worker

Version Number and Mods in use:
alpha 16.
No mods.

I do belive this has been reported already and is said to be fixed in the next patch.

no hay problema, así lo señaló en un post anterior. donde si se promueve un clérigo a un soldado que todavía tenían el poder de su aura.

edit: perdona mi gramática, utilizando el traductor de google

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I have also noticed this bug, happened when I downgreded my Cleric back to a Herbalist (decided to make someone else my main Cleric) but she retained the healing aura.