About cleric situantion

the footmen are great, even if they still have the habit of going first to the fight if they are not careful, their alternative weapons are good in general, the knight has the polearms to cause fear in the enemies in exchange for some defense, archers have the crossbows which are a little slower but have more damage and extra defense piercing, now the clerics, well, they have their “staffs” I understand wanting to do something more offensive for them, but send them up like a footmen giving a small debuff of strength in the enemies and being able to heal only in area (fair), on enemies and a lightning that lands ONLY on the undead which are very rare enemy tipes, does not look very useful, the footmen put something more dps and area damage while the archer is raw damage from a distance with some support, maybe turn the offensive cleric into an offensive mage and removing the heal, with area damage like a footmen but at distance.

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