Crafter's Armor

My very first mod!
“I have a feeling this was made already but oh well”
This mod adds armor crafted by the weaver for your very important crafters. Who doesn’t want to protect them?
I made this mod because my crafters would be hauling and die in 1-3 hits from a ogre or archer goblin that decided to appear out of thin air.

This is just the first step of my preferred Stonehearth, I will be attempting to add Arch classes, or simply five more levels for the combat classes, why? I am a bit to picky and would like to have fewer combat classes who’re dope because of experience. Will also be attempting to add more content for the Herbalists.

I am new to modding so, will take a while but this is actually fun to learn. (I should be doing homework).

Will finish the Farmer & Trapper armor later.

flowers.smod (15.5 KB)
craftmod.smod (135.2 KB)

Special thanks for all those who helped me in my other topics!! @BrunoSupremo, @Hamnisu, @RepeatPan, @genboom :handshake:

I know UI looks clunky… :sweat_smile:

11/8 Update

  • Added Farmer Trapper and Shepard’s armor. Only one for each that gives 4 armor.
  • Included a separate small Flowers mod - Allows you to craft wild silkweed and herbs through the herbalist for those not lucky enough to spawn next to a lot. Really good for those who like the wild versions for decorating.


pictures! please :smiley: this sounds like a great mod, i surely know the situation you describe with the kobolds spawning on top of a wandering crafter!


You might be interested in my Plant Lore mod, which has exactly the same focus: [A22+] Pawel's Mod Corner: Finetems, Plant Lore, Archmod

There’s also a climate mod planned which adds illness and the Herbalist will be the class responsible for treatments.

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Oh, just mobs appearing where I thought it’d be safe. Like inbetween my castle walls and cliff walls. Or, just about 1-2 meters from me walls in general lol.
I also mine downwards a lot away from my base so mobs appear near the entrance and climb down the ladder when I am not looking. So sneaky they are.


Woah! What a nifty little mod! I plan on using this real soon. :wink: :ok_hand:

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Couldn’t fix the UI. A bit to difficult to create a transparent background since the boots and gloves are too dark. Might just make a different model later.


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