Is it possible to make crafted workers/fighters?

I’m thinking of making a mod where you can have crafted (artificial) workers/fighters. But first, is it possible :confused:?
P.S. I’m new to modding and has little to no knowledge about it. Please bear with me.

I’d say it is totally possible, there were some attempts years ago (the code nowadays may be different):

Back in the days, it was said that the geomancer would be able to make golems to help your hearthlings. But we’ll see.

BTW, your automaton is so cute! :smiley:

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Thanks! I’m glad it can be possible :smiley:.Quick question, how is the coding different :confused:?

Neat! I’m hyped for new jobs and classes to come . Though the exploring the stonehearth folder gives some spoilers… Pet Collars…

Thank you very much! I’m glad that you noticed my post :blush:.
Your models are really amazing and adorable too :heart_eyes::heart:.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Well I mean, compared to the code that was used for the mod in the thread I linked, there are currently some differences (for example, for recipes we specify the workbench, which is a tech that years ago the game didn’t have, and the entities started to have the catalog in entity_data since A18, which is very recently). But if you peek at the current code you should not have any problems.

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Thanks again! I’ll try to look into it :smiley:.

It is possible to craft mobs, yes. But I found a problem in which if they move before the crafter removes him from above the table, it “fail” and starts the next craft, leaving the mob there forever stuck.

What I did in the Archipelago mod (not in the public version yet) was add a “doll” item crafted by the herbalist. The doll has a timer of 2 seconds, which is enough time for the crafter to grab it and put on the floor. After this timer, it will turn into a real mob, the cocoling. (DT: Desert Critters!)

Maybe you can try something like that.


Hmmm… interesting mechanic. I’ve never thought of it that way! Thanks for the info :smiley::thumbsup:.
Question, is it possible that instead of an item with a timer, you can have it transform to a mob with a push of a button in the UI tray :confused:?
I’ve already seen your cocoling model, and it’s so cute :heart_eyes::heart:!

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Yes it is possible (I was going to do that way, but preferred it with a timer to be automatic)

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Thanks! Glad to know it’s possible :smiley:.
Another question… Please bear with me :pray:.

Is it possible to make this mob for example, has the qualities of a hearthling (harvest, haul, fight) but without the need for eating and sleeping :confused:?

I’m not sure, but maybe yes? I didn’t go to deep in these areas yet. But I think you just add multiple pieces of A.I into mobs, so you can add just what you need them to do.


Oh :open_mouth:… Ok . Thanks :thumbsup:.

cant wait to see this mod in action. wish you the best

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Thanks :smiley:! I’ll do my best :triumph:. *steam sounds

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haven’t heard from you for a while. just wanted to make sure the mod is coming along alright