Question about the upper limits of what crafting is capable of

I’ve been brainstorming mod ideas and have a few ideas on the go, but they would be extremely heavily impacted on what the crafting system is currently capable of. Namely, is it at all feasible to create scripted entities such as critters, pets, monsters and even citizens using the crafting system? Even if it required the crafter to then take this entity after crafting to the stockpile who would then be placed and become a rabbit / goblin / person with all the scripts, etc included, with crafted citizens immediately joining your settlement, etc?

While this obviously wouldn’t make much sense in the game as it currently is, it would have a major impact on things such as, for instance, engineers begin able to craft, for example, steampunk style clockwork robots to go with there turrets. These robots would be something that while would not function as a civilian themselves (although an entirely mechanical race could be interesting), would act like soldiers and would patrol your base and fight any enemies it finds, “eating” fuels such as wood, coal, etc, instead of food, not needing sleep, being repaired by engineers and being something you would be much happier to lose in a fight then a level 6 knight.


It is possible! :wink:

My first ideas for the cocolings (archipelago mod) was exactly this. I had the herbalist craft them by using wood, clay, coconuts and healing potions (to get them “alive”). I soon scrapped that idea, but while testing it worked.


Just had the same idea a while back. I had thought up of a simililar mechanic with my :robot: Automatons being crafted by the engineers :smiley: .


Hehe :slight_smile:
I would like that.

As for steampunk and robots … from my point of view, these do no fit into the game, lore wise and visually.
But I would like to see this as a mod.

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Superb, looks like its time to learn how to mod stonehearth. Better get to it.

Thanks for the help guys

@groms Agreed, i would probably just want such a thing as a mod too i think, sentries are one thing, but fully functional robots are another altogether.

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