Azhraks Extended Crafting Mod

A mod which introduces new recipes. You can finally have some statues and cool new items in your game.
Download Here

Models so far:


Have an idea? Post it here and I’ll model it.

How about living statues?

You mean as actual statues or introduce into the game as actual hearthlings? Statues seem hard without use of a modelling software like 3ds max. because you’re kind of limited to a planar workflow.

Introduce into the game as hearthlings, no sweat if it’s too much of a hassle. I thought it might be an idea for you to work with.


just make a yak statue

Wanna give me that yak model in your picture to work with :DD

here theres more models in @BulletFive’s mechanical creations there just models


Just models is all I can work with, I can’t animate because I don’t have the 3ds max tools, I can’t export to obj and I am not learning blender.

nice! what version is this for?

I have made it for 196, but everyone who was helping me test & fix problems had it on latest build with no problems.
Not too sure about dev build though. edit: I have updated the mod to include a stone well, I am adding more and will re-upload the mod when I have more content.

I have updated the mod to include a well and 2 decorative trees. It’s late and I am running out of ideas.
New link is up

How about… Stone armour!

I might try this out tomorrow!

I’ll probably add that to the mod when A8 actually comes out, I’m not sure how the mod works with the unstable build as I haven’t bothered downloading it yet.

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since the statue is very humanoid like you could just give a statue the human animations already in game

I could, but its splitting up all the armour pieces. I also don’t have the knowledge on swapping out body parts.

this will require you to remake the statue, but if you use honestabelinks stonevox and then put a human armor(from the game) qb file in it ,it already will have all the parts separated and u just readjust/color them as desired

Make the same statue with weapons in hand, like spears, axes and maces

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Just make a yak statue they are great


Cool! What about goblin statues?