Derrias's Mods' & Model thread

Hi everyone ! Welcome to this thread !

So basically, what you’ll se here is models and WIP mods that I and other friends are making.

Let’s get right into it !!

And here’s the first thing I have to present you, the legendary footman armor. Thanks to the First responder buff, my footmens were always first dying in battle, so i’ve come up with a better armor for them ! Since they already got a legendary sword, i’ve made them a pike and buckler so they still looks like city guard and not giant sword wielder.
Above are legendary armore both male and female as well as the pike and buckler. left size are iconic of both armors and weapons as well as all the differents parts used to make them.

I’ve begun working on a mod with thoses and everything is in game and playable. I just need to figure a way of making the recipes unlockable after a certain glory level ! some minor graphic polishing and everything should be ready !



I’ve always wondered how I could spend more time working around the workshops in my city. Once everything is decorated, thoses can’t be upgraded, and I find it sad that the Hearthlings keeps getting better but their workshops stays the same. That’s why I’ve made this. Upgraded workbenches and exclusives workshop decoration !

The main Idea was that once your hearthling has reached level 6. A quest would arrive asking you something in particular from your worker in a reduced amout of time. If you manage to complete the quest, then your workbenches will be upgraded and you’ll be granted with awesome decorations for your workshop !

No modding for this part ( This looks like a nightmare to do :x )

And that’s everything there’s to see right now !

Here are some more work :

More work
Ancient orcs weapons

Bone_axeBone_bow Bone_sword

Cleric and Knight shrines


Skeletons from another world


Mushlings works as a complexe colony composed of four casts.

The greener ones are the “workers” of the colony. They’re not that dangerous but comes in great numbers. An attack often means that stronger groups are not far away. They represent 70% of the colony

The teal ones are the “army”. they’re the main force of the mushling colony. They’re much stronger than the worker cast and are dangerous even in small groups. 25% of the collony belong to the “army” cast

The cyans one are from the “heroic” cast. They’re dangerous enemy and can tear appart unprepared armed forces. Do not engage in combat.

There’s also a fourth class that has been sighted. The deep blue one. Only few individuals were sighted and we called them the “royalty” cast as they did not mix up with lower casts. They’re ability in combat is unknow.


Wait. Wait. Tell me about those wings. How do I use those wings? :jubilant:

Don’t want to disapoint you but the winged emblem is on the footman’s buckler :v


I did have some winged idea for an upper level fighter class between Knight and Cleric (think of it as a paladin) but I don’t know how it’ll look once it is in game. And i won’t work on a new class until I have solid bases on how Stonehearth modding works ( And not until the base mod idea is complet )


im loving the better looking workshops idea. A+

Not disappointed in the least. Beautiful work! :jubilant: