[MOD] Working on an ornaments mod

I hope you guys like this:
The Dragon statue

An old Lamp post (with fire later on)

And a statue of a rock.

All of these are WIP. Hope you guys like it!
BTW you can watch me stream my process right here


And of a side note, why is this happening?

Stonevox isnt saving all of my cration?

I love the look of the ornaments, but may I ask what software do you use to model?

I have used Stonevox to make these models :slight_smile:

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thank you, and can I say that your models look awesome!

thanks @SpagBolChomper You should join my stream tonight ill finish up the dragon and make try to make another ornament!

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when is it and please may you leave a link!

It is up in the description but you can find it right here as well! : Twitch

thank you! :smiley: I cant wait to watch

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little tip: use voxelshop ^^ its easier and support more extensions :smiley:


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thanks a lot mate, but when i import my dragon statue it seems quite laggy? is there a fix or is the cube count just to high?

hmmm i dont know i must look into it

Looks great so far (sorry don’t have a twitch profile)

You would have to ask @honestabelink. Maybe there’s a limit on size, too many voxels or something…

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