[mod] sculptures

This is my next dragon sculpture hope you guys like it

An ancient emperor is buried beneath the roaring dragon

An eternal fire is blazing through infront of the dragon

Gonna add some water later on

The dragon tail is NOT DONE but is planned to work like this

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but … how many item you need to craft this ?

Looks fantastic, though I am curious about the scale? Like how does this compare in size to the rabbit statues found in the world?

The scale is Quite big. I’ll take some in game shots asap @Neronix17

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I haven’t started the coding yet but it’ll be around 10 stone blocks I guess @artifus

Could you put all these into one thread? Your sculptures are amazing but creating a new topic for every sculpture seems a bit unnescesary.


I will do that from now on @thorbjorn42gbf

new picture from my dragon No. 2 (name is still WIP)

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