Alpha 22 Suggestions; Unutilized Crafters and Ranks

Yes, yes, I know we just got Alpha 21, but for now, I think we need to finish what crafters there already are.

The Engingeer, Shephard and Herbalist all are lacking in some recipes, but the biggest flaws are the Farmers and Weavers; They have many levels that say (Not implemented yet), so finishing off them would be quite good to add more gameplay aspects.

Let’s start with the basics…More recipes.
For the Weaver I already suggested Baskets out of Silkweed and some Wood and they hold a bit more than the crates (12 and 36, not TOO much better), but it’s mostly for Reyya’s Children to have stuff that looks more likely to have around than Stone Chests and Crates like the Ascendancy is more likely to have.

The Herbalist could have some more healing potential, IE; “Cure-All” or “Antidote” for what the Undead enemies give to you. Smelling Salts to get Hearthlings out of Knock-Out status faster, and even a “Field Kit” so they can heal Hearthlings on the go with the medicine they craft. Think of it as an Off-Hand item they can have like a Shield or a Quiver for the Archer. That way we can have more active Herbalists. The medicine would still not be as effective as a Cleric’s healing/the Herbalist won’t fight or have any armour boosts, but it’d be some more use to them and may fix their behavior.

The Engineer overall needs more traps/turrets/etc. Maybe a “Spiked Gate and Wench” so you can have gates opened but be a 6 or 8 wide entrance to walls/castles and it can close to keep monsters out more. Boiling Oil sounds too gruesome, but what about the simple “Murder holes” for the Archers to shoot through with walls? An option for that/a “Window” block would suffice.

For the Farmer doing random effects with the crops they harvest, it could be from this list;

  1. The food shimmers gold and won’t rot (If it can rot anyway)
  2. Bonus harvest amount.
  3. Adds a random effect when cooked with.

Also…Why can’t they make berry bushes or make Miniature Apples? That’d give the Cook some more areas of interest with cooking too. Apple Pie, (Pumpkin Pie), Berry Pie, Apple Muffin, Cakes, Baked Apple with Berry Glaze, etc.

The Shephard’s abilities seem too small in number, and since they’re always outside of the walls/town, why not Sheep Dogs at level 1 or 2? For the Ascendancy they’d look like Collies/Retrievers and Rayya’s Children would have them look like Pointers and Dingos.


+1 for pointing out lack of current gameplay and not wishes tones of new “main features/core mechanics”.

These are all really good ideas, especially the farmer. :merry:

Why add something new when we really need some polishing? :slight_smile:

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There are some great ideas here! I know some may find the current updates a bit underwhelming from a gameplay perspective, but they’re really trying to flesh out the core. A good foundation they’re satisfied with will save time in the future when adding more stuff.

It was mentioned in one of the streams that they have something like 14 other classes planned (not set in stone). If that’s the case they’ll need to figure out what everyone is doing and how it interacts/affects current classes. The way they’ve been improving the game so far I have no doubt they’ll fully flesh out all the current crafters when they get there.

As far as farmers/cooks go you should really check out Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) and BreweryMod. These two mods will add a ton of stuff for your famers and cooks, and satisfy your sweet tooth. :jubilant:

A recipe I would like for the weaver is a backpack. Having the Hearthlings be able to carry more would make them extremely more productive. I am mostly thinking about far away mines for precious ore.

I use the former >w>’

Messenger Bag = +2 slots
Backpack = +4 slots