I still dream of these classes

Anyone else in the same boat?


@Micboydoodle It looks great, but wouldn’t alchemist and physician be on the same level from herbalist? I’m on the same boat though! Adding the Engineer after the Blacksmith (just like the in-game class tree) might make it take a while to level up though, so having the Blacksmith on its own track might be better.

Idk know about the nitty gritty, but I wish there was more classes outside of modded ones. I’d love more ways to get food than just a trapper or a farmer, and brewers would be cool.

Pretty much anything that I could use to make different settlements unique and enjoyable.

I know in a recent stream they said are for sure more classes to come. So i’m sure a few of these will make it in.


not true in a total since. The Alchemist would solely focus on potions and chemicals. and the Physician would be solely on healing hurt hearths (even though i agree he/she is outdated)

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