Alternative options to the cleric

The foot man has two upgrades the archers who dishes a lot of damage and the Knight who can take a lot of damage.
I believe the herbalist should have two upgrade paths as well the cleric who heals and buffs allies and a shaman or something different to curse and damage enemies.

They could act opposite to what the cleric does casting spells on enemies to make then slower, turn on there own,and lower attributes like muscle or courage. instead of healing they may cast spells that steal health from enemies. They could also have a aura that makes the enemy more likely to flee and lowers attributes.They could be a shaman or a Sorcerer
since they would wield dark magic that hurts not heals.

they already are working on a magic class… and they dont want magic to be too common in stonehearth i believe only the priest and the geomancer will be the only 2 magic classes in the game

they could just be a brewer that can throw potions that deal different affects on enemies then, they would have to craft the potions before the battle.

I dont think the priest is coming at all, never once saw that in the announcement or now. Cleric is the magical healing class. But geomancer is right and Alchemist will be the other.

Now with modders; and when and if steam workshop goes up, u could see all kinds of classes being implemented.

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Mods must have more mods :dizzy_face:

I want to make shameless plugs for people to encourage ongoing development of their mods

An alchemist for “herbalist ++” would be nice, but overall there are a lot of gaps in the class tree - and more importantly, the classes are identical for different factions, which have drastically different needs for them.

i think some classes would be unbalanced, in the meaning of being an unwanted pre-step before the most wanted classes, like the herbalist with the cleric atm, or they would have overlapping content. We could create diversity using already implemented mechanics. The archer got the quiver switching ability, right? So we don’t need an “fire-archer” or “ice-archer” class. The same way we could influence other classes. A bit like in guildwars2 where the fighting style of the class was defined by his equipment. Give the cleric a mace and he’ll go in meelee and switching his healing abilities for more melee related spells and auras, give him an incense burning thingy (like they got in a church) and he’ll get a different spell combination. That way we can extend the already existing classes and even give some cultural touch by having kingdom dependend equipment, like the always suggested monk for the rayya. Extend the herbalist with some fitting hat, created by the weaver, he’ll become an apiarist. That way we can have some progress with already basic classes without sacrificing them (just the need to level up a new one) or switching back again…