Multi-Class (Paladin, Battle Mage, Spell Sword)

Seeing that we got the introduction to Clerics, Knights, and Archers, itd be interesting to see a combination of classes. Like for example, the top of their game in defense and healing, the Paladins. They would need to be level 3 in both classes to become that class, being proficient in both Healing and Tanking. Same goes for mages and footman becoming Spell Swords, and Knights and Mages to become Battle Mages. But that will only happen if they decide to add Mages/Wizards (which will probably happen imo). You can see them as being unable to master either, but to create a new playstyle or tactical advantage of using both at the same time in one hearthling. Like for example, Paladins can use a skill that boosts morale of all nearby allied Hearthlings, or slowly heal all nearby Hearthlings. Spell Swords can imbune their weapons with magic creating more brutal blows, and Battle Mages use’s magic to deal damage to nearby enemies while attracting their attention. What do you guys think?

There are two more classes planned, the geomancer and magmasmith. I don’t know if the geomancer will be a combat class though, I only know he will be able to sculpt terrain.

Concerning the Multi-classes, I don’t see it as necessary and don’t think it’s that great.

Also a the beastmaster, an alternate upgrade for trappers was in the kickstarter.