Will future classes ever take 2 class levels?

As the top says, will future classes ever take 2 class levels to achieve?

Like potter takes level x mason.
Cook takes level 2 farmer.

Will we ever get a class that takes like level 2 knight and level 4 cleric.

Or level 4 Carpenter and level 4 Blacksmith?

Or heck, level 5 Shepherd, level 3 Trapper, and level 6 Archer to make a hunter. A hunter that could shoot arrows, casually trap animals, and have a combat pet.


I liked that idea at the end. But wouldn’t that cost 3 people for just one Hunter?

Your hearthlings swap jobs while retaining the stats of their old jobs. Like when you turn a trapper into a Shepard it still shows all their levels earned from being a trapper.

So all you need to do is get a trapper to level 3. Then turn it into a Shepard, get it to level 5. Then turn it into a footman, make it an archer. Then level it to 6 as archer and turn it into a hunter.

Oh, you mean that way! I like it though!

I had kindof assumed that the magic using classes might take something like that. Since each additional level (of whatever class) takes progressively more exp, there would have to be a huge payoff for such a class.

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I like the idea of the Knight+Cleric; Level 3 Knight and Cleric could become a Paladin

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Isn’t there already that suggestion for a crusader?

there’s @Goldmetal’s awesome crusader FanArt,

and then there’s also @Relyss’s awesome mod version of that FanArt,

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Thanks mista Crabs. Tho I agree, some holy warrior class of knight x lvl + cleric x lvl would be sweet.

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I really do hope there is something like this, hard to gain classes would be welcomed imo. just because at the moment they are all so easy to gain.