Guess that class!

Today, we’ll be playing a quick game I call
##Guess That Class!##

How this game works is I specify a class that has an unidentified advanced class upgrade coming later in development. Since nobody but Radiant knows what these classes will be, (and honestly, I think it should stay that way) you guys will say what you think the advanced class is in the comments, and then people would like that class suggestion. The class suggestion with the most likes, wins the round. However, in order for your class suggestion to qualify, you must:
Name the class and talisman, as well as the class it is promoted from and who make the talisman out of what.
Give us some flavor text.
Tell us what the class does and (if it’s a combat class) some of it’s weapon and armor upgrades.
Give an example or two of abilities/passives he could get by leveling up.
Tell us why that class would make sense to be an upgrade of the previous class.
(Note: Most of these shouldn’t be too special, since these are upgrades to the very first classes available)
Tell us the level the previous class must be to upgrade into it.
And, if you can, include a picture.
Class: Calvaryman, promoted from a footman
Talisman: Saddle, crafted out of 2 leather and 1 string by the weaver
Nobly rides whatever random steed he found in the forest
Abilities: This class would use his saddle to mount a sutible animal he found in the forest, or an animal you already have in your stables (doesn’t have to be just one kind of animal!) and then ride it while weilding a weapon during battle. Keeps the animal in a designated stable elsewise, so you better build a fence! This would give him an obvious advantage in battle. He could have lighter armor than a normal footman, and he could also have armor crafted for his steed. He would use longer weapons such as spears and lances so he could reach mounted and non-mounted enemies alike.
Upgrade examples:
Level 1: Take a seat: the calvaryman can now ride his mount 10% faster since he has gotten used to sitting down.
Level 3: Get up: The calvaryman can flip over enemies on the ground using his weapon.
Why he would make sense: To be quite frank, it’s simply because this isn’t a huge change from his previous version, the footman. It’s just the footman on a saddle!
The footman must be level 3 to be upgraded to this class.

There’s the example. Here’s a picture of the current class tree for future reference:

And with that said, the class you’ll be creating/guessing an upgrade for is the carpenter, and let the guessing begin!

sorry but, not to be a “party pooper” but quite a few of the class advancements are known by the community already, i mean even just taking a look at the “jobs” folder found inside stonehearth.smod gives a rough idea of what is to come. and then there’s the picture from the kickstarter showing the class tree…

hope i didn’t ruin anything for you… carry on.


I know, I know… But do YOU have an idea what the carpenter upgrade is?

yes actually (unless it has changed)… but i wont spoil it here.

Very well then… thank you for not saying, I want to see some creative ideas.


So in the first one, you say if it’s a combat class but then the last thing you say is that we’ll be creating/guessing an upgrade for is the carpenter, so it’s only the carpenter upgrade we can make ideas for, or is it for any class upgrade?

The original concept was just the carpenter, but, ya know what, feel free to choose any of the currently existing classes!

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Class: Designer, promoted from Carpenter.

Talisman: Desk [Crafted out of 3 wood, from the Carpenter]
It’s not all about the outside, what’s inside, matters too.

Abilities: A designer will be aviable to make fridges, couches, bookshelfs, carpets, etc. Basicly, a Carpenter can make the basics, a mean bed, a door, a window, all the things you need for a building! But when we are done with the outside (Doors, wooden wall mounted lanterns, etc.) then I think it’s time for YOU to upgrade your Carpenter into a 1st class designer, to make the inside of the house as marvelous as possible!

Level 1: This looks neat: Get’s more recipes for more cool furniture
Level 2: Things are getting fine: The Carpenter will have a 25% bigger chance to craft a fine item

Why he would make sense: When we one day (Idk if we ever will be aviable too) can assign houses to different hearthlings, then I thought it would be cool instead of just having one big bed plumped down and maybe a chair and a table inside your house, you go more indepth with the furniture.

The Carpenter must be level 4 to get promoted to a Designer.

I hope this is the cind of ideas you were aiming for. Good day to you!

nice idea @LukSyLuks :smile:

but perhaps the desk could be his workbench…

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Oh yeah! That’s what I meant. Sorry I mixed up talisman with something else, but his talisman shoud be:

Talisman: Pen. Crafted out of 1 wood, by the Carpenter.
(I got it right now, right?)

It’s nearly 1 am, so I don’t have the clearest thoughts right now :smile:

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indeed you did,

[quote=“LukSyLuks, post:10, topic:14846”]
It’s nearly 1 am, so I don’t have the clearest thoughts right now
[/quote]dont worry, its not 1 am where i am, but i still never have the clearest thoughts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Class: Mechanic, promoted from Carpenter.

Talisman: A wrench crafted out of 1 Iron from the Blacksmith.

Abilities: Mechanic can make complex systems which help your little village to survive in the wilds. These include different kinds of traps against smaller mobs, waterpump for getting water to flow up, machines for other advanced classes, drawbridge, well, mill, war machines (not sure if SH really needs war machines : D)

Level 1: More recipes.
Level 2: 25% bigger chance to craft a fine item

Why he would make sense: Every class should add something new to the game and so a mechanic could add something more than just different set of decorations. By giving it a ability to create machines which work as talismans for more advanced classes, you can’t just create all the classes from carpenter, mason and smith. Traps would give you an alternative way of fighting against goblins.

The Carpenter must be level 4 to get promoted to a Mechanic.

EDIT: Why mechanic should be leveled from carpenter instead of smith for example? I see smith more as a artisan who consentrates on samller objects at time and values beauty. Mechanic would be more as an specialised builder who use smaller objects to create working systems. He would be more practical engineer and planer than skilled artist like smith and weaver.

I really like the idea of making hearthling homes personal. It could really give them a feeling of being real people and such. And it certainly could be interesting! For example, a geomancer could have a small cottage on a rocky bluff, with rock themed stuff… but my only issue is that it seems like you could get it too early. Maybe the pen could be made by a blacksmith, or maybe somebody who makes stuff out of feathers and such?

Hmm… My only issue is that an engineer (and that’s the actual name) class is already planed! Perhaps he could be a simpler, more early game, version of the engineer, who uses materials like wood and energy sources like water, wind, and good ol’ people force rather than steel and coal. I actually do like an idea of a sort of “prelude” to the engineer! Maybe he could even make little wooden toys, like a wind up cuckoo!

a.k.a, a fletcher, who makes the arrows for the archer :wink:

note: to my knowledge, the fletcher isnt an actual planned class.

You probably just gave someone an idea for a class.

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Yeah you are right. That would be too easy. Maybe it shoud be crafted by the Blacksmith, and then instead the recipe shoud be 1 iron ingot, or steel.

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