Adding some surprise to the class tree

The other day, when I was looking at the class tree, with all it’s question marks and such, I was thinking… perhaps it should stay that way. Let me explain. Classes would remain a ? unless you met these two requirements:

  • You have made the Talisman
  • You have reached the class before it.

This may sound a tad bit pointless (Why can’t I see the stupid spoon icon!?) but later into the game, it could begin to evoke a feeling of mystery and wonder, especially if, say, a very special class requires a talisman that can only be made out of the slimes of the cave drugnar. You see that, ahead of your brewer, you see 3 class options you have no idea what they are yet! Ooh, what’s it gonna be huh? What’s it gonna be? The only issues about this is that A: It would be very useless at the start of the game, and B: You could easily get spoilers.

Tell me what you guys think in the comments and I’ll see ya later!


That is a nice idea, but then players would memorize the classes after a few games of unlocking them all, or you could simply look on a wiki.

True, but I suppose that it would be a nice suprise for those who wish to not spoil anything for themselves.

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i like the idea, except,

[quote=“Sandwitch, post:1, topic:14861”]
You have made the Talisman
[/quote]that seems almost… pointless. if you have to have the talisman it would be annoying, as you would know what you were getting when you crafted the talisman. perhaps just have the class before that unlocked, for example,

  • you have a hearthling

  • you upgrade them to an farmer

  • now the cook goes from a :grey_question: to a spoon.

make sense?

I was thinking the talisman thing seemed a bit dumb, but that was mainly for classes that would require hard-to-make talisman’s