Updating the kickstarter class tree

As you all know, the visual class tree from the kickstarter is quite outdated.
Alas, you’ll have to look at it yourself, for that I simply could not get a picture of the tree into this post… I’m here to talk about how it would work with the current game.

Left section

Honestly, this section would have no problem if not for the animal tamer. I believe the big game hunter would become the beastmaster, and the rancher would become the animal tamer.

Middle section

Just… get rid of that. Except for the carpenter.

Right Section

This side would have nay a problem if not for the announcement of the cook. But worry not!, for that we can just squeeze the cook in between the farmer and the brewer/herbalist.

Other Kickstarter Classes

I noticed how the blacksmith has three unknown expansion branches currently. The engineer would obviously occupy one of these slots. As for the magma smith/geomancer, I have no clue how they would fit. I know the magma smith could be an upgrade of the geomancer. I just don’t quite know how they fit in. I doubt you could just upgrade an ordinary worker into a geomancer, but hey, that’s just me.

Next time, I’ll be talking about either the potential different races present to the game, or, my own class ideas (particularly why these class ideas could be more than a mod.)

Please respond and stuff! See ya later!

Oops. Sorry about my horrid grammar at the start!

You mean this image right?

Suggestions for new jobs are always cool, but this was meant to be just a sample of the kind of job trees that would be available at release. They’ve purposely been keeping most of their ideas for jobs a secret so we have something to get excited about when they actually start working on them. This is why there are plenty of spots with question marks on the current job menu. In my opinion, guessing where they might put known classes sounds more like speculation than suggestions at this point.

Well… anybody who’s unpacked the stonehearth.smod would disagree with that!

But we very few details on the classes that have not been announced yet.

Expect the cook possibly in the upcoming Alpha release!


I don’t think so. There are only about 3 jobs in the smod I hadn’t heard of before and there are some jobs missing (like the Magma Smith) that were announced in the kickstarter. I suspect they have a bunch more classes up their sleeves that are not yet added as even a stub into the smod.

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