Hunter/skinner class

I don’t think I have seen this anywhere else, just a simple thought.

I think the skinner/hunter job should have a secondary upgRade path, so it could become a shepard, or a beast tamer, using traps and fighting along side a combat pet like a wolf or a bear, and be able to be adied to the combat parties. Just a thought, wanted to hear what others had to say, he could use a bolts for his abilities and snare or entrap enemies, more like a supporting fighter

A beast master class has been planned since the original Kickstarter campaign. There’s even some stuff in the source files already. Though when (or even if) it’ll be implemented is anyone’s guess. It wasn’t mentioned in the 2017 roadmap devblog.

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Ahh, that must be why I never saw this, bust still it’s more I seas for them to work with, it would also be cool if he could “tame” monuts for people to use like wolves or horses or oxen to carry loads :slight_smile: