Dragons and training prospects

I decided to move this since i realized it wasn’t really a question.

So with the class progression i know there’s gonna be a beast master who uses animals to fight; but is there gonna be something like a cavalryman? I’m assuming there are plans, but this leads to my real question: what about a dragon rider? Something like: footman-> spearman-> cavalryman-> dragoon-> dragon tamer-> dragon rider? It would be rather awesome to get a character who slaughtered dragons (love dragons, hence HTTYD), befriended them, and then came to ride them.

I know the KS backers get the pet, so maybe something different to getting them as eggs. Maybe as you gain wealth the dragons are a scenario that appear and attack. At the beginning they’re difficult to kill, then you make a lance from it’s claw to upgrade to a dragoon? Or in the alternative planes? Then after racking up a few kills they will get a chance to find those crystals in other games/mythology that’re in their stomachs, containing the “soul of a dragon”, leading to the dragoon harnessing their power and coming to understand them, turning into a tamer. I’m not sure about the rider promotion though…maybe a saddle? A little anti-climatic though due to the difficulty of the other promotion items attainment.

Maybe to make it so dragon riders aren’t being pumped out, you require a high level magma smith, black smith, and someone else to fashion armor for the dragon for promotion, from orichalcium found in alternate planes?

Anyway, i apologize for rambling; just a neat idea i had. I mean: what enemy wouldn’t flee from a guy on a brute or wyvern?


Dragoons were mounted cavalrymen that carried firearms, which were called dragons.

Because they spit fire! Geddit?

All joking aside, using “dragoon” in this context is incorrect and would prevent proper usage. Not to mention that beastmasters or similar would be better suited to become dragon tamers.

Ooops :open_mouth:. Makes sense to just use the beast master then. Or make it a dragon slayer: still want a rider though.

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I think this would be one of the best implementations into the game ever! I think another way to control “pumping” out dragon riders would be to have a cap limit of some sort on the amount of tamed dragons in a world. like maybe a world could only have 2 tamed dragon period, so that a city wouldn’t get too powerful and be able to defeat every mob easily. I think i will go into more detail about the whole topic of dragons and dragon riders. Chrismlepage if you want to maybe colaborate with me on the idea that would be fun.

Hmm… probably the easiest way to tame a dragon would be to get an egg and raise the dragon when it hatches (no prizes for guessing how you deal with it’s parents though :stuck_out_tongue: ). It’d take several in-game years for the dragon to mature of course, during which time they’re not terribly useful, but think of the !FUN! possibilities:

  1. Steal 2 dragon eggs, kill the parents.
  2. Dragons grow up tame.
  3. Breed dragons.
  4. Bring it, Cthulhu :wink: !

Definitely an idea I could get behind :slight_smile:


Wanna collab with me on the idea? I feel like it would be a very fun concept to produce and hopefully be thought of as a legit implement into the game

I don’t mind collaborating :wink:

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I think the beastmaster is capable of taming a dragon.

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But i want a special class~

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Maybe instead of a footman taming the dragon, the trapper does that since he’s the one who befriends animals? it would make sense that he would have the dragon, but then once tamed assigned the dragon to a footman? or he just uses the dragon to attack while defending?

The beastmaster is a better option. HE tames big animals. The trapper only tames small animals that they can trap in their dinky little trap-cages. The beastmaster is where its at.

Well, how about the trapper upgrades into different classes until he becomes a beastmaster. I still think having the trapper being the only one able to tame a dragon would make sense, but he can become more powerful and be able to tame bigger animals (he could become a shepherd or something to allow him to tame semi-large animals like cows or wolves)

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Makes sense to use the trapper line if we consider it as a beast

I’m thinking the trapper should have two paths for his career. Once he gets to say level 3 or so you can choose him to take the animal trapper or animal tamer path. Animal Trapper would allow him to continue trapping small and maybe as larger animals are implemented, trap them and use them as food and pelts. Animal Tamer would allow him to trap animals the same way, but then befriend or set them free. Maybe he can only have one pet at a time and each time he discovers a new animal he keeps that one until he finds a dragon egg or something and that’s his final stage. That would be a very complicated system but i think it would be interesting :slight_smile:

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The only thing is the KS page says the player pet dragon will take centuries to mature. Maybe the tamer can catch a dracling?

Yea maybe he can catch a young dragon that can be used to fight but over time will grow, have more health/ strength and maybe deal splash damage with fire. Or if we want elemental dragon he could breath other elements maybe

So, maybe instead of dragons you can train Drakes, smaller cousins to the Dragons? Not as impressive, but it could be a workaround if the Dragons take longer to mature.

yea i thin that would be a smart idea

It also depends what kind of unit they’re gonna be. Preferably i would like multiple variants such as brutes and wyverns. So you can have seige and anti-infantry classes depending what type you get, allowing for a wider variation to play style. Then if we think seasons, in winter they’ll have to be less active unless you have a ice dragon, then that’ll be less useful in summer. This way you could have a stable, but only one in use per a beast master at a time, giving a bit of balance.

Interesting. Personally I’d prefer to keep it simple and keep it to just the different sub-species and not go into seasonal dichotomies. Or you could go the other way around, and either way mods can add that extra depth if need be. Just my thoughts though, and regardless I hope at least some of this is included.