Questions about the dragon

Sorry for any mistakes in my english, it’s not my first language

I’ve been searching lately any information about the dragon quest history included in ACE, but with no results so far.
I manage to advance plenty in an old save file that I’ve lost, and from there I know that after saving the dragon king from the undead army I get a little dragon as pet and that it eventually grows larger and starts a quest line with raids from dragon cultist(?), if anybody has a link to a wiki article or similar it would be aprecieted
If not, I have have the following questions:

  • how long it takes the dragon to become fully grown and start said quest line?
  • I remember that the cultist drop masks but never find out why?
  • I know that the pet dragon leaves my town when the questlina start, do I loose it forever? will it comeback or I get another one eventually?
    -If its the only one, can I stop it from leaving?
  • Does the quest have an end? like the titan? or is just keeps sending raids that you have to fight?

I understand that its more fun to find out this while playing, but currently I have limited time for gaming and want to know if its worth the time to continue in my current town

PS: sorry for the blurs, as I wrote it I realise they were spoilers.

Heya! :merry:

I might be able to help:

Yes, the pet dragon does grow and it takes some in-game months for it to happen. It’s slightly random but should be around 20~30 in-game days for it to contact you and then some dozen more before it leaves and gives you a statue as a gift.

That statue, when placed, will attract Dragon Cultists. They will, when killed, drop masks - like you well remember - however every 3 raids or so you’ll also be visited by a “Dragon Ally”; This dragon ally will trade masks for “reputation” and once you reach a certain reputation, your pet dragon (now an adult and leader of the dragons) will come and offer you a dragon egg. You can choose the color, and that dragon egg will hatch into a new pet dragon with different powers depending on the color (red = fire, blue = ice, etc…) and these are yours to keep forever!
You can get as many eggs you want, but you have to keep defeating cultists - and they get stronger each time. And that’s it! There’s no “ending” other than that, “farming” for dragons!

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Thanks a lot!!, an army of them actually sounds awesome.
I assume the behave just like pets, not commandables?

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Sort of, yes

You can’t command them directly but they do have some extra AI that pets do not, they will respond to attacks/chase enemies that are spotted by your town and they try to stay close to their owner, so make sure to put the egg next to your military people and they will accompany them

(When the next update hits you’ll be able to re-assign the owner of a pet :slight_smile: )

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You wouldn’t happen to have any sneak-peak expectations for when that next update will be released?

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It should be relatively soon, we wanted to finish it for December but couldn’t; but should be soon!

If you want some more practical “sneak-peeks”, our recently started Ko-fi page has subscription levels (Poyo Chick and Determined Poyo) that have access to some images we’ve been posting there :merry:

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