Mounts!, we need mounts! And relationships!

Hi, just joined and this is my first post about the aspect of mounts in this game. First i like to say hello to everyone and I’m glad to contribute to such a great game. Well on to business, this game has shown a Orc on a wolf mount, but i was wondering would the villagers/soldiers that we have get any mounts? It seems very likely since we just got animal trainers as a stretch goal and maybe beastmasters could ride their pet companions too. Knights could have horses, maybe a dragon mount could be added (dragons came up from the stretch goal too lol). I was also thinking a relationship system when a villager/soldier gets friendlier with an animal the better stats that person and animal have in the battlefield/village. Any other ideas about that you guys like about the whole mounts idea?


I’ll just preface this with something from the Q & A:

Whether or not animals are restricted to these two classes I’m not sure, but that would make sense.

However I do like the idea of a relationship between an animal and the settlers, but I think these things would have to be restricted to class - you shouldn’t have your bog standard villager best friends with a dragon, he has to make do with cats and dogs and the like.

As for military units then I am primarily thinking Game of Thrones Direwolf style.

But yer, there’d have to be some sort of restrictions depending on the purpose of the settler, perhaps each class would have one or two animals that they can form bonds with, civilians only able to form relationships with passive animals, and military units with offensive animals.

The benefits of such would probably be something along the lines of buffs/debuffs or certain benefits - so the farmer who has a favourite cow gets more milk. The archer who has a favourite eagle can see further. Obviously this is me just chucking random ideas out there, but I’m sure you get the picture!


Yes restrictions will be needed to be placed upon certain classes and i laughed when you said a villager shouldn’t be best friends with a dragon because that is very true. And yes I’m seeing the picture very well, but you given me an idea why stop at pet companions, why not include relationships between villagers, with a man and a woman being able to get marry, or a platoon having a stronger bond as they continue to fight with each other, giving like a +5% to defense or something. Haha im totally going off track with this huh?


Off track?! Man you got me all excited with the idea of a squad of units getting perks for the length of time they fought together.

But why contain that to military? Workers who work together should get certain bonuses for length of time working together as well!

My only concern with every person having a relationship with an animal (that sounds weird right, it’s not just me?) is that things would get pretty crowded in the city if everyone had an animal following them.

Specific units should definitely have some sort of relationship, I mean you’ve got the beast master and animal trainer, plus if you had some sort of mounted military unit, they’re gonna build up that rapport (can we use rapport? Relationship just isn’t right) with whatever animal they’re mounted on (OK now everything is sounding weird…).


Hahaha, yes “relationship” does strange for the animal portion, I get what you’re saying tho. Ok how about farmers would have a rapport with the animals they care for (e.g. cows, pigs, sheep…) and then “footmen”(just normal infantry) can get a horse to become a horseman and the longer they fight on a horse the better the stats and buffs they get with the horse or they will have to take care of that specific horse they have for a better rapport. And we’ll mind all the other villagers and animal rapport when we get more info on them.

For the farmers, just to balance things out a bit, perhaps it’d be better (if this rapport system was in place) to be able for the farmer to specialise in a certain area, so they’ll all have an equal level of adeptness in all aspects of farming, but one farmer could be specialised in crops (giving a certain bonus), one farmer specialised in animals (certain bonus), or even separate it by animals.

The horse idea I like, I’m just unsure about whether farmers would just become ridiculously good (not sure why that’d be a bad thing) if they built rapport with everything they tended to.

Considering the classes that Tom and Tony sampled for us in the kickstarter page there is a rancher that villagers can rank up too, so maybe the animal training can be left to them for the rapport?

Maybe! Completely negating everything we’ve just said, ha!

Not everything! We still got our troops forming a stronger bond, maybe having villagers become couples, and workers getting bonuses for working together

I think relationships between villagers would be WONDERFUL (as well as mounts, but really, wouldn’t relationships be better?).

BUT! It is completely secondary to everything else in the game, like mechanics and what not. If they have time to add it in, sure, awesome, but it’s not at the top of my list.

Oh yer definitely, if it was worked in, I can see something like the support system from Fire Emblem: Awakening working - but less … intimate.

@Geoffers747 I like that idea… working relationships directly into the mechanics of the game. It’s simple and would be a lot of fun!

Lol funny that you brought up Fire Emblem, I’ve been playing that game for days, must’ve been stuck in the back of my head when we were talking about this whole concept.

The dragon stretch goal are dragon whelps.
Going by what the “mammoth bonanza” was and the look Radiant is going for I feel like they’ll be extremely small dragon whelps not meant for riding. Which is quite unfortunate.

But remember, mods are a wonderful thing.

@A1UR very true, but I’m hoping they add real big dragons in the game too and user created mods will be awesome! Who knows maybe it’ll go as far as Minecraft mods and we’ll have Star Wars weapons and space civilizations

@A1UR the description also says “it may take centuries for them to mature.”

I’m not sure if they’ll be mounts or not, but I feel like they’ll actually be useful. I question the relevance of the dog/cat/mammoth. It’ll be fun at first but then I’m afraid it’ll be useless.

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Aren’t y’all missing something?
What if two workers just don’t get along and the longer they are forced to work together, the more disgruntled they become?

(Oh, and kudos for the forum’s kinkiest topic title!)


You’re right, perhaps personality traits could cause relationship conflict as well as potential growth?

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They engage in epic combat to the death! Hoe vs shovel!





There’s a weekly feature right there.

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