Mountable/Tameable Animals

I would like to suggest implementing mountable and tameable animals. I was thinking about this when I was told my people to harvest some trees and I was thinking it would be a lot more efficient and cooler if I could have A donkey with pouches over it and could be walked by the Sheppard or something… Or even a mule that pulls a wagon of some sort…
Implementing horses and being able to mount them with… Say footmen would be great for those moments when all your footmen are on one side of the village and there is 6 goblins attacking a defenceless villager… The mounted footmen can ride his trusty steed on over there and kill the pesky goblins before anyone dies… Thank you keep up the good work I am loving the game!!!

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There’s even ennemies that mount wolves. As raising sheep, being able to raise horses for knigths!

Haven’t seen that ingame yet. Those goblin riders don’t even get to attack me till A14. Preemptive Strikes 4tehWIN!

I’m not sure if mountable animals are on the roadmap but tamable cratures are already there(bunnies and squirrels). Wasn’t there some picture in the kickstarter with a tamed mammoth in a pasture?
Scratch knights on horses! I want a war mammoth packed with some lancer-footman and at least two archers to stomp the goblins back to where they spawned from! :wink: