Mounts!, we need mounts! And relationships!

Wasnt trying to going that route, but thanks i guess lol, given the structure of the game couldnt we have a King to listen to the villagers complaints? He could mediate relationships to make them better or worse, given the situation. That would add another aspect to the game, or are we the player the so called “king” and the king could fight with his soldiers for an added bonus. There would also be a system to select a king so it wouldnt be a random farmer or a miner


I didn’t know we had a king. I thought we were an autonomous collective!

I am your king, and I demand my taxes… or tithes… or…look, just give me gold.

With mounts needs to be mounts armour :slight_smile:

Only as a paid DLC, otherwise I’m not interested.

And ridiculously overpriced… say… about $5 per armored set.

Whilst we are joking here, the ability to make animal armour would be pretty awesome.



but yes, yes it would be.

You’re fooling yourself! We live in a dictatorship; A self-perpetuating autocracy, in which the working classes are subjugated and exploited!


"Mounts to be implemented at launch utilising ground breaking technology"?

Introducing the Mark I Coconut and Horses Head on a Stick!

AVAILABLE NOW!** From all Major Retailers!


**Coconut availability may be limited by swallow migration patterns


I have an idea for mounts, horses could randomly generate and can tame with wheat and apples found in special trees. If archers are put on them they increase acuracy and range. Some hit points go towards the horse and the character on it. Also there should be cows and mules for farming where they could be food supply or put to work with a plow to farm even quicker.

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African or European swallows?

you jest, but i guarantee you… day 1 BAM! im so modding that into my game…

Oh I’m deadly serious!

“Come Patsy!” clickityclop-clickityclop-clickityclop


Don’t forget to share once you get it going!

have no fear… should @Froggy make these beautiful models available, you’ll have access to an entire coconut wielding army! :smile:

A lovely coconut army, all lined up in a row!

Hi Guys, Ace Here
I have a new idea for the game. I think it would be cool if we had a mount system in the game. What I mean by this is that there are wild animals roaming around the lands that our villages can tame and ride upon. the animals would change according to region of course and here are a few examples I have:
Horses wander meadows and forests
Snow Leopards and Sabretooths wander around mountains
That sort of thing
What do you guys think?

Thanks Again

hey there @acebritish… i’ve merged your thread here, as this topic was in line with your own…

um, one sabertooth mount please? :smile:

Hey there Steve
I want a sabretooth mount as well. any sort of mount system would be cool