Class Suggestion - Huntsman

I’ve seen it mentioned off handedly by a few people but a quick search pulled nothing up.

So thoughts on how the Huntsman would work comes down to whether it would be a subset of Trapper, its own Class, or comes off some yet unmentioned class. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing it as a second option to Trapper instead of shepherd. Letting me collect wool and feathers without needing that pesty infrastructure to keep them alive(or using a high level Cleric, that’s always fun).

I know it is probably already thought about and would require more animals to be added but I’d like to read other people’s thoughts on how they’d like a huntsman class.

Or whether the devs wanna drop ideas/thoughts.


Personally i would just like to see the trapper being evolved into this. Being able to set traps and hunting on the same time. Taming a wolf or something to fight for him/her and the ability to gather berries and herbs automaticlly.
Giving the option to upgrade the armor to leather armor and equiping a spear or bow? Maybe a special quiver that only works efficiently against animals, so it wont compete with the combat archer?


Wouldn’t that be like the Animal Trainer class they’re already planning on implementing?


Hm, his idea does sound a lot like the ranger. I was thinking back to an old post showing a progression tree that showed a Hunter turning into a Big Game Hunter. Of course that would need big game but what would that hunter/huntsman be?


Yeah @sdee said in one of the streams recently that they were potentially going to add 4-10 more classes, but that was just a rough guess nothing set in stone.


From the original kickstarter:

Don’t know today how many of those we’re still considering. We want to take a look at the relationship between heartlhing towns and their surrounding environs, first :slight_smile:

Still, we’re on the same page!


Well to me hunter is the mirror to shepherd, but going the other path of less resource intensive. Personally I’d like to see what shenanigans they might get up too, having a Hearthlibg with the purpose of venturing off to get food.

Maybe you should think of things in terms of intensive vs extensive when thinking about resource gain?

(There’s already a trend for this though I don’t know if it’s intentional.)


With all due respect, it comes down to the flavor and choices we want to make. In my town, I may want a gatherer, who collects herbs and berries from the wilds, and a huntsman who finds bigger wild game then what say a trapper can get. He might hunt deer or elk and then i decide i want to hunt even bigger animals like elephants, tigers and the like. Where as in another town I may decide I don’t want the hunter/gatherer side of life for my people and i install a farmer, and a shepherd to live in a more civil situation.

There shouldn’t be a wrong choice like, if i don’t make a farmer i don’t get the benefit of a cook, and if I miss taking the trappers knife i cant get a shepherd until the end of the game. that seems silly. I 100% support your huntsman class and the idea of multiple classes being able to fulfill the same or similar roles.


I almost feel like I should make a thread on class direction now and the two choices of intensive and extensive…


do it! :merry: just because you got me curious…