Suggestion Page; What do YOU want in StoneHearth?

This is another post I added because, again, I was bored. I’ll keep it short and sweet, and give a brief description. Basically, just post down below any classes you’d want to see in the game, any gameplay updates that you’d wanna see, or fun new mechanics that you’d wanna see in the game. I’ll go first

I want to have a hunter as a new class. He can be upgraded from a footman, and the footman has to be level 3, and needs a bow, crafted from the carpenter. He uses a bow and arrows, which can be crafted from metal and wood, making 10 arrows for every 1 iron bar and 1 wood. So this is kind of a late game defense option. Whats really cool imo about this class is that he can tame animals in the wild, so he can defend your base with his pet wolf, or pet bear or whatever.

A gameplay update I’d like to see in the game is a hammer and chisel, which could maybe, I guess it’d make sense, be the required item for making an architect.If any of you guys have played Terraria, you can use a hammer to change the design of blocks when you’re building, which can make a lot of cool things. Adding something like that to StoneHearth and being able to change the design of blocks which can better compliment the building you’re making.

@gandalftheblack, while I love the fact that you are trying to generate discussion here on the Discourse, these types of threads are not particularly helpful, especially when dealing with multiple suggestions. Conversations tend to move in multiple directions, which makes it hard to figure out what the consensus is. I hope this does not come off the wrong way, but your post is essentially what the suggestions category itself is! Hope you understand :smile:!

By the way, for class suggestions, there is a great thread dating back 2 years now:


I want more classe of sword and if you can add the bow