Phases/Evolution of Your Town

Here’s an interesting topic. As you know, many of the classes in Stonehearth relate back to old-age tech. As in, the Archer, Cleric, Blacksmith, ect. Most of these classes existed in real life about 1000 years ago. Though you wouldn’t see those things today. You would rather see Soldiers, Paramedics and Workers in giant factories. Then that got me thinking: wouldn’t it be cool to see your town evolve into modern day similar to reality? What if Phases took place within the game? As in- after you reach a certain point in the game, you move to a different phase. That way, more classes would become unlocked, and you crafters will learn more recipes. In my personal opinion it’s an interesting topic. Knights to Riot Troopers? Mages to Snipers? Who knows? Post your suggestions in the comments!

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Non-gingers to gingers!


Swords to plowshares!

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