Alternative to access the Shepherd


I thought i would give some feedback as this has always been on my mind…

I don’t like to use the trapper for rp and personal preference, could there be an alternative route to unlocking the Shepherd? or maybe add a gathering mechanic for the trapper where they can patrol an area and scavenge for herbs or maybe wild [edit] *unfertile *poyo eggs?

I don’t like it when games have a progression mechanic that revolves around killing which is all too common in games…

I realise that mods are a potential answer and most probably right now due to the resource and other work already being worked on however i think if Stonehearth could provide an alternative avenue for progression that would be another strength and cater to another audience.

Also i’m not necessarily demanding my wants and needs to be fulfilled and especially if my request isn’t in-line with the general design/theme/direction of Stonehearth, i just think its worth considering and would love to hear some constructive feedback from Radiant, i have heard some comments on the streams about the way animals are represented and thought i would share my p.o.v.

Thanks for reading my feedback.


hey there @Shizuyori,

i absolutely love the idea of having alternative routes to stuff, in fat TR added a wilderness shop that sells jerky and pelts just so that you wouldn’t have to do the dirty work if you didn’t want to, so i wouldn’t be too surprised if they added an alternative for getting the shepherd.

P.S. just changed the category to suggestions, hope you dont mind.

Hmm the shop thing is better but still in my head im giving gold to a Trapper not part of my settlement so i’m not in to that route either but i do think it helps :wink:

Fingers crossed for the future :innocent:

I did think to put it in suggestions but i soon realised that i was cautious to stay away from sounding whiney or full of self-entitlement who expects it to be added so i thought i’d add it as feedback instead so it could come across friendlier and more nuetral rather than a massive discussion or sound like a fix to something broken or unexpected…i don’t know if that means anything but it’s the vibe and tone i was going for and simple feedback seemed better suited :sunglasses:

Thanks Mr Crab :christmas_tree:

no worry’s,you’ve been around long enough that i wouldn’t think you to be the whiney type. :wink:

[quote=“Shizuyori, post:3, topic:17971”]
Thanks Mr Crab :christmas_tree:
[/quote]no problemo, thats why i’m here.

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Maybe swap the Shepherd and the Trapper and make the Trapper more like Trapper (Hunter) / Butcher hybrid?

Much like the Farmer > Cook route

Maybe the Farmer could look-after the livestock instead.

I guess these things have probably been talked about to death already but food for thought…hmm…

Instead of changing the route maybe allow the trapper to instead of using traps go for a more animal friendly method where he collect nuts, mushrooms and have a possibility for befriending animals instead of trapping them.


Yea! though with the name trapper it sounds more like he’s collecting bait rather than a Druidic animal friend type, I did think of a shaman but I think I’m straying in to very different territory…

I get the impression that Rayas children are more vegetarian, not sure why I feel that though

I don’t have a problem with the current mechanic, I think it has a nice progression.

However, my idea to “skip” the class tree is through the scenario system.

A certain scenario comes along where a Shepherd’s sheep are being threatened by a particularly nasty pack of wolves.

Saving some of the sheep gets you a small reward. Saving all of them nets you a Shepherd.


I definitely think the Trapper and Shephard should be swapped as a Shephard is definitely the least skilled out of the two.


I think right now the shepherd is the more desired class, so it makes sense to be the more advanced in the class tree,
but perhaps once the trapper gets more attractive for his advanced versions (beastmaster, hunter), the progression should be swapped or maybe even run parallel/even.

In favor of the separation of shepherd and trapper: It feels more natural, to have one “trap’em-kill’em” and one “trap’em-tame’em” way side by side. For me, that is.

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[quote=“Yncensus, post:10, topic:17971”]
but perhaps once the trapper gets more attractive for his advanced versions (beastmaster, hunter)
[/quote]i have a feeling that, once they are implemented, the trapper will be appealing for his upper levels, not just the next class tiers,

lvl 5 is the ability to trap larger animals (wolves) and lvl 6 is the ability to trap “unwelcome neighbors”…

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You are probably correct :wink:

Didn’t think of these upcoming features, I’m promoting to trapper quite late in the game, so I actually only today saw his promotions again…

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