Unlocking shepherd animals

Hey devs :wink:
Any plans for unlocking shepherd animals? Like start with a small selection and later enable newer animal types? Exactly like the farmers crops works.

I thought it would be a nice change of pace for my biome (archipelago) if players started only with rabbits in the shepherd menu, cause in the islands there is no sheeps or poyos.
Then through some events (probably through traders) the player would buy new animals types (sheeps and poyos), unlocking those for the shepherd fields.

For now, while this tech doesn’t make into the game, I will try to code it myself.


100% support for this idea. Maybe new animal races could be unlocked through town upgrades?

I would suggest that more than 3 barnyard animals would be needed for this to be appropriate.
so you get rabbits straight away, unlock poyo’s at level 2 or 3 and then sheep at level 6.

Just to clarify. This is not a suggestion to change the main game behaviour.
I’m asking for a way for modders to be able to do that if they want (in my case, for my biome). The original shepherd would still be the same.

If the devs end up deciding to add unlocking animals progression to the main default game, fair enough. But the tech is not here for use now.

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