Sherperd's farming

make it auto that when a farm animal reach it’s max capacity in the area, the shepherd kills and/or harvest 50% from the max. that way farming meat won’t be from just trappers, and items like poyo feather, sheep meat, and leather are easily obtainable.


Maybe not 50% but it’s true: having to manually manage harvesting meat stands apart from the general Stonehearth approach where we don’t have to constantly micro things.
Maybe we should have it as a tuneable option: set a pasture, then select how much animals from it (depending on its max capacity) should be harvested for meat (if any).

@Relyss Any idea whom should I tag for considering that?


cough cough cough


A suggestion for your suggestion!
Shepherd is logically a follow-up profession to trapper. We may want to also add several “conditions” to his stock, similar to farmer’s crops:

  1. Malnourished (it already exists - we can’t “harvest” a creature at this state)
  2. Normal
  3. Healthy (in this state drop rate from one creature is increased and is bigger than an average drop rate for a trapper)
    This way a shepherd won’t simply search new creatures > bring them to the pasture > harvest them. His stock rather needs to “mature” and get healthy for an auto-harvest option to kick in. You still have an option to manually order harvesting at an earlier stage (except for malnourished creatures), but the drop rate will be lower.
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:smiley: My suggestion was merely a stub which has to be filled by “stuff” as your addiotion :slight_smile:

I want this ability for my shepherds, too. However, I also want the ability to choose the number or percentage of animals culled when a certain number or percentage or maximum is reached. In addition, we need to have a way to mark certain animals exempt from culling, for example Bluebell the sheep. :merry:


I tend to enjoy building small farms simply too keep the animals - not to harvest them for food or such.
I see the use in your idea; but, I would much prefer it would it be an option for each farm to harvest or not.

This way you can have your auto-harvested farms, while I can have mine “just too look at”-farms :slight_smile:


I think the way it work should be where each pasture works like the farm plowed fields. Where you can set
Culled animal % or numbers depending on how large the amount of animals in the pasture area. For example small area 20%/100% or 2/5 total animals in field. That way it’s easier to manage.
And of course the exception that can be put on animals for not culling it. The way it works should be like beds. Where a single animal when clicked can have the option of culled or not allowed culled. ALSO THE ABILITY THE NAME FARM ANIMALS OR PETS.

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