Auto-butcher When Pasture Full

Pastures are a pain in the neck - to get a nice/continuous supply of meat you have to manually click on each animal.

If the shepherds automatically butchered an animal when the pasture reaches it’s “max. number of animals” then I wouldn’t keep forgetting to butcher, and I could set my cook to “maintain 10 roast lamb” and wouldn’t have to micro-manage the shepherd or the cook.


I like this idea, shepherds are to much work atm. So i never get one, its to bad tho cause they could be awesome. But the trapper doesnt need micromanagement so i usually pick him over a shepherd.
Auto butcher could make him usefull instead of being a constant strain on resources.


at first the ai must be fixed - at the moment they run to much with the animals around :wink: also when the animals are in the pasture its sometimes happens that the animals decide to follow him again outside the pasture ^^


This is a great idea, always find it a pain that the shepherd has to be micromanaged.

this is a good idea however i do see one problem with this you see when the shepherd kills an animal they get a debuff that decimates their compassion and if you look at the animal buffs that you can see simply by clicking on them there is a buff called well taken care of this buff makes the animal drop more items and by having auto butcher i could see animals never having that buff because every time there was a baby it would reach max but since babies can’t be butchered they would butcher until all that would be left is just normal animals or the pasture would be full of babies.

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and the buff is activated by being fed by a shepherd that has a lot of compassion

Another problem is that if my max pasture is only two animals, the shepherd would kill one and the left over would not be able to reproduce.
The shepherd would need to go out and seek new animals, which takes a lot of time.
Even worse, because of the debuff of having recently killed an animal, it will take even more time for a new animals to spawn. (That is what the debuff does)

And the last negative side of this is that killing them one by one over time (a long time according to the above reasons) is less efficient. Ok, you are hands free, but it is better to kill them all at once in batches. Just drag the harvest tool over them all and it is done.

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Oh…well thanks Ninjapilot 10 and BrunoSupremo! I usually leave the shepherd for last and ignore it after I have enough feathers for quivers. I didn’t even realize there were buffs/debuffs associated with the shepherd and their animals lol.

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dont worry not knowing this just goes to show your not a no-life

But thinking about this it would be useful if you could set how many would be butchered and how many there would be before the killing would take place but even then the clock would eventually throw itself off and then the buff would always go into effect even if it worked for a while

My 2,134556 cents


If the max is 2, they can’t reproduce anyways can they?

Yes, scrap that, I didn’t thought well about it. I was stuck in the “he would waste time to grab a new animal instead of letting them have babies.”

Was going to make a new suggestion thread, but saw someone already beat me to it by a year and a half. I haven’t seen or heard about any plans to add this, and this needs to be added in my opinion. I assume this is preferred over making duplicate threads since there is a window showing similar threads. If not, let me know and I’ll never use this again:


Agreed. I would also not want this request to die. @sdee Would it be possible for you guys to let us know if this is in the works or not, please?


I think that a best menu was created at gnomoria. Smthg like this