Maintain for Livestock Zones

We need the equivalent of a Maintain order on livestock zones. Perhaps this would be implemented like a “minimum” setting in the zone properties UI (the same UI where you can remove an existing zone).

Poyo Zone
5/5 Capacity
Minimum: 3

Hearthlings would then auto-butcher down to the minimum. Fire and forget.

Right now, if I forget to manually butcher, livestock becomes little more than a food supply drain that only really produces wool on its own.

Of course, Shepherds would have to be told not to go pull in more animals from the wild if at least one adult breeding pair exists in the zone. Otherwise, it would turn into a pull-and-kill factory… which is no good.

If you rely on breeding (chicks, etc) then you have a natural delay as new animals are born and grow to adults.


i agree. also we need more livestock choices, like cows that can give milk and be slaughtered for leather and steak. also, chickens need another source coming from them, like feathers, to make “even comfier” beds. but tbh, once i had a full chicken farm i had so much food cooked and saved we didn’t really need to slaughter chickens.

The team have said they will try to keep away from standard livestock.

So cows is probably not going to happen, yaks on the other hand… (@Gridnick would be proud of me)


Hmm maybe they switch the animal gathering in the wild with the trapper class. So a trapper is needed to catch such animals, while the shepherd is for breeding. Additionally we could buy animals to start a livestock, like in Banished. In that way we could have biome limited animals, so we have to catch species living in the biome we build and if we want other animals, we have to trade with trespassers or other players

How about wooly boars, emus, Kiwis, taun taun styled animals for riding :smiley:


Goats, Alpacas, Mules or Yaks would be much more fun than cows!

I’d really like to see ways to ‘maintain’ a minimum amount of animals similar as mentioned to maintaining a minimum amount of crafted items. Auto gathering of meat / eggs would also be very helpful.