Brainstorm: Shepherd

I want to make a mod to improve the Shepard class. The main thing I’d like to add is a shepherd order panel which would automate the “production” of raw meat for the cook, rather than having to manually place orders as you do now. What I would like to hear from all of you is how you’d like this to be implemented.

My thoughts would be a production panel much like the ones used by other professions with the ability to produce x amount now and maintain x amount in inventory. The shepherd would “produce” meat automatically.

I will also gladly take scripting suggestions on how to implement this (i.e. what the input for the recipe would be etc.)

Any thoughts?



This sounds amazing. Tbh I don’t know anything at all about modding but an ability to be able to set amounts of meat to keep in stock would be so helpful. As long as the meat didn’t just appear out of nowhere and actually was limited by what livestock you have, otherwise it would seem a bit cheaty.

Give to shepherd ability to kill overlimiting animals at farm. Please =)

IF current_amount_of_animals > desire_amount
Then kill_dolly
Else OK_i_will_kill_dolly_later

Yes!! Do this! :scream::grin: