Hidden Abilities and Classes! [Hearthling achievements!]

Okay! So I know that people want more classes and we do have more coming in further updates. For those who can’t wait we have a lot of mod classes as well but they all unlock the same way. Craft the class item. Fulfill the prerequisites. Class change! Now what if we had some that didn’t unlock like that? What if they acted like this? Do something. Get achievement. Class change! For example, what if after a Hearthling cut down 20 trees [he/she] unlocked the Lumberjack class? Or a crafter just randomly gets the idea to specialize and they unlock something like sculptor, tailor, or weapon-smith?

So this is how I imagine a unlock going, using our trusty Lumberjack again:

  1. The worker cuts down their 20th tree and this pops up:


"Heave! Ho! With a heave and ho and a mighty blow and it’s on the ground the tree does go! Hah! Hum! With a swish and thrum the job is done and it’s off to home with the setting sun! - Lumberjack’s song.
The Lumberjack specializes in chopping down tree after tree for hours on end. They retain many of their previous worker abilities but unfortunately can no longer mine through the ground like they used to.
2. Now the next time you go to give the Hearthling a new job, over in the left side of the job tree, there will now be a column labeled “Hidden Classes” and Lumberjack will be in that column.
3. Clicking on it will switch the Hearthling to the Lumberjack class and the Hearthling will swap over to that class immediately. The hidden classes are like the worker class, they don’t have any job items. They do have equipment though that they will pick up and use. The Lumberjack for instance will pick up any unused axes for themselves to boost how much wood they collect per tree.
4. Level up as normal. For the Lumberjack it looks like this.
Lv:0 Lumberjacks get a simple ax which boosts wood collected per tree by 1.5 times. loose the ability to mine. Any other ax boosts wood collection by 2.0 times.
Lv:1 Timber!- Trees fall as whole logs ready to be dragged back to the town to be cut into workable parts. (+2 wood per tree! not included in the lumberjack boost.)
Lv:3 Chop, Chop!- The Lumberjack moves 10% faster.
Lv:5 Forest Friend.- The Lumberjack leaves behind a sapling when [he/she] chops down a tree.

And that’s how that is going to work. As for how many of these you can have in your town? Well that is split into three groups.

  1. Unique: You can have one and only one…EVER! Muhahaha! (but they unlock some cool stuff!)
  2. Mastery: You can only have one…at a time. (others are able to unlock it though they just can’t be it.)
  3. Special: You can have as many as you want…as long as the Hearthlings in question have unlocked the class.

And here are the others that I’ve worked out so far:

Giant Slayer- (Achievement- Fell the mighty!)
Type: Unique. Trigger: Kill Mountain. Summary: In the times before the kingdom’s founding when the hearthkin hid behind their mighty walls in fear of the great beasts that roamed the wilds there were those mighty few who left the warmth of Home and Hearth behind and returned with spoils of things far larger then themselves. The Giant Slayers. Now, [Insert Name of Hearthling Here] has begun to follow in the footsteps of these legendary fighters and [he/she] brings thunder in their wake. - Records of [Insert name of settlement here]

The Giant slayer is a myth come to life, they kill things far larger than themselves with ease and can use basic knight abilities to weather the mightiest blows.

Abilities: Lv:1 Shields up! - Can use up to lv:3 knight abilities if they are unlocked.
Lv:2 Roots of the Mountain- Gains one point in body.
Lv:3 Fell the mighty!- Attack boost.
Lv:5 Myth blade- The Giant Slayer crafts a blade that consumes its enemies strength to grow stronger. (starts at 25 atk and gains 1 atk every 10 kills up to a total of 35 atk. looks like a sword version of the giant bone ax.)
Lv:6 Thunderous blow- The Slayer’s deadliness manifests into the world as lightning with which [he/she] stuns [his/her] foes. (has a chance to activate and deal double damage and stun for 3 sec)
(at Lv:6 Giant versions of your foes will begin to appear that can break through your defenses [that includes buildings! don’t worry they can be repaired by your builders!] And other giant beasts of legend and myth!)

Uses Knight armor and footman weapons.
Art posted!

Master Architect-
Type: Mastery. Trigger: place the last block in a building costing over a hundred resources three times.
Summary: "Hammer, saw, wood and stone all combine to build this home. Fire, wind, ice and rain, dare not pass this sturdy frame. Heart, hearth, friends, and kin, all are welcome, come on in! -Book of Plenty(3:42) Prayer of the Home.

Regardless of if they are hunched over a blueprint or putting the finishing touches on a roof the Architect is a master of [his/her] craft. [He/she] plans everything out so that work goes smoothly and nothing gets wasted.

Abilities: Lv:0- Crafting: [Workshop: Drafting table(2-wood; 1-metal ingot) Requires:None] [Printing paper(1-wood) Req. drafting table]
Lv:1- Plot the Plan!- Can now craft blueprints for saved buildings which boost build speed and reduce resources by 10%! Crafting:[Blueprints (1-printing paper) Req. drafting table]
Lv:2 Faster minions!- Hearthlings working on the same building get a 10% speed boost.
Lv.4 Vertical Thinking- Who needs scaffolding? Crafting: [Climbing Harness(2-leather; 4-thread) Req. Weaver Workbench] [Longer Picks(1-wood,2-iron ingot) Req. Anvil) Climbing Harnesses mean hearthlings don’t need that pesky scaffolding to build things, just make sure you have enough or the others will start building the nasty stuff. Longer Picks allow your hearthlings to mine up!
Lv:6 Royal Architect- Can spend wealth instead of resources to build structures.
Can also do everything a worker can.

Art Posted!

Type: Special. Trigger: Kill three foes in 15 seconds. Summary: There’s an army on the horizon. They are coming for you and your fellows. Your swords are ready, your will sharp. With a cry the archers stand and a low thrum echoes as a hail of arrows darkens the sky. You leap forward, racing the shafts as your swords sing for blood. The broad-heads thud into the foe as your blades flash in the noon light. One down, uncountable to go. Dancing through the oncoming forest of steel and flesh cutting through all in your way you catch flashes of your fellows whirling through the sea of bodies. As the sun sets over the bloodied fields you sheath your blades and treat your many gaping wounds ignored during the bloody dance. - Excerpt from the tales of Caldia the Blade-Sworn, Commander of the 3rd legion.

The Sword-Dancer is whiling dervish of a warrior, dual wielding swords and spinning around their foe’s strikes these nimble fighters are a terror to behold on the battlefield but beware, their lack of armor makes the vulnerable.

Abilities Lv:0 Dual Wielding unlocked.(swords only)
Lv:1 First Stanza- The Sword-Dancer has mastered the art of dodging. 25% chance to dodge.
Lv:2 Accelrando- The Sword-Dancer becomes the wind. 15% speed boost.
Lv:3 Sword Rondo- Ever seen a tornado? Just like that but with more swords.
Lv:4 Jig of Blades- Attack boost and 10% arrow dodge chance.
Lv:5 Dance Dance Revolution- A Sword Rondo has a 100%-x*25% chance to continue. where x is equal to the times used in a row.
Lv:6 Battle Aria- The Hearthling begins to sing along with the hum of their swords creating a deadly song. (All Sword-Dancers get +10% attack, dodge and speed. Activated by killing two foes at once.)
Wears no armor.

Art Posted

Master-[Job] -
Type: Mastery. Trigger: as a max level [craftsman] create 50 fine items.
Summary: In the ruins we sometimes find pieces of craftsmanship that despite being ancient look brand new. Through careful study and many hours of practice [Name of Hearthling] has manged to achieve the rank of Master [current job].
-Records of [Name of settlement]
The Master [current job] is capable of using scrap parts to build things and achieving workmanship beyond what normal craftsman can make.

This one is more of an extra ability than a new class but they would have a chance to trigger one of two abilities. 1. To not use resources when crafting an item. 2. Create a Masterwork-[item] which is a rank above fine and in the case of weapons and armor grant increased stat boosts than normal.

Type: Special. Trigger: As a worker carry 1000 items each over 300 blocks distance. Summery: “Go! Go! Take this message to King Faldorn! The White Citadel has fallen! The goblins have taken the western provinces! Well what are you waiting for? Go! Run like you never have before! Rayya preserve us! Warrior guide my blade! Ragh!” And so I ran. I ran all day and all night. From the White Fields to the Red River outpost where I mounted their fastest horse until I got to Hearthhome and collapsed before the gates of the castle crying for an audience. I awoke in the infirmary a week later and by then the goblins were at the walls. It was then that I swore that I would never again be so weak.

  • The rise of Cid: Book 1-Chapter 4

The Courier is fleet of foot and sure of mind. Running from one end of town to another with their full packs they form the backbone of the kingdom’s messaging service.

Abilities: Lv:0 Speed +15%
Lv:1 Strength of Body- Can carry double their normal carry weight.
Lv:2 Strength of Mind- They don’t stop what they are doing when attacked. If on their way back from a job they will alert the guard of the foe.
Lv:4 Stubborn Mule- Can go for much longer with out food or rest.
Lv:6 Not Here! Not Now!- Will dash into battle to rescue downed hearthlings and get them to a medic. (will finish current job first)
Uses worker equipment and can’t mine.

Type: Special. Trigger: a mason or potter has the chance to get this class at random when at the merry moral level and at a tier two town.
Summary: Spider wove the history of the world into a great tapestry but some of the depth was lost of the accomplishments recorded in it. Monkey saw and recorded the thoughts and feelings of the people but the image was lost. And Woodpecker decided to fix the wrongs. So he chipped away at his tree until something began to take shape from the wood. First came the sun as a ball awash in frozen flame, then came Gaia, the cradle of all. Next came the plants in their twisting glory, then the spirits in their immortal majesty. Finally came the Hearthkin, small but many, with hands to build and destroy, to ruin and heal. So it was made from Woodpecker’s tree and it was good. -Tales of Rayya: Woodpecker’s Tree

[Name of Hearthling] has had an epiphany! Filled with inspiration to carve the goings on in the town in stone and clay [he/she] wishes to become the sculptor.

Abilities: The Sculptor has the ability to make statues of the town’s more famous hearthlings in addition to legendary figures and more decorations for the town. [will expand later]

Type: special. Trigger: In one day take over 5 times your max health in damage.
Summary: “Come at me you worthless excuses for meat sacks!” Clang! “Is that all you got!” Thud!“My grandson hits harder then that!” Crash!"Well let me show you how it’s done!“BOOM! “Caldia! Take 'em down!” shling shang shlup thud “Always need me to finish the job don’t you Kaido!” “What? No! I just softened them up for you! Figured you could use the help.” “Are you calling me weak 'cause I’m a girl you sorry excuse for a meat sheild!” “Oh no.” " Uh, Bozz. I dink we should retreat while da skary lady and da angry maan ar fightin’.” “Good dinking minion!” - Record of a skirmish during the Reclamation War.

These mighty defenders are boisterous and rowdy! Point their propensity for annoying others at the enemy and see what happens!

Abilities: Lv:0 Dual wield (shields only) Taunt instead of attack. Massive health boost.
Lv:1 Come at Me Bro!- Taunt is equal to 1.5 attacks instead of 1.
Lv:2 Back Off!- After 5 attacks-unleash a shock wave.
Lv:4 Be the Wall.- +50% block chance.
Lv:5 Vulgar Insults!- Can taunt in an area!
Lv:6 Bad Puns!- Taunts halve healing effectiveness. (doesn’t stack)

Art Posted!

Type: Special. Trigger: As an engineer get three kills with your machines before the guards enter combat(does not have to be in a row).

Summary: The clashing of swords could be heard as a shadow climbs the castle walls, it’s cargo stored in a satchel ready to devastate the goblin hoard. It flits over the fortifications as a giant ogre charges out of the gate scattering the attackers. “Oh no. Better lend a hand.” An orb falls from the battlements to the monstrosity’s feet. The shadow descends into the courtyard as a large explosion can be heard from the gates. “Good luck guys.” The shadow dashes through an open door. “Oh by Rayya’s Left Eyeball!” The shadow had walked straight into a goblin patrol. With a quick toss an orb hits the ground with a mighty flash and the shadow runs through the stunned greenskins. “That was close.” The rest of the journey goes without a hitch and the shadow reaches the top of the citadel. “For Cid! For the Kingdom! For my mother!” The shadow tosses a white orb into the commanders face and runs. Flames rush behind them as the shadow flees.

  • Storyteller’s rendition of The Epic of Shanda: a tale of one of Cid’s compatriots during the Reclamation War.

The Saboteur is the thing that goes boom in the night. Leaving timed explosives in their wake they devastate the enemies as they approach the town. Bombs can have various effects from fire to poison to stunning the enemy.

Abilities: Lv:0 Bomb usage. High stealth. Crafting: [Workshop: Blast Chamber(2-clay bricks; 1-metal ingot) Requires:None] [Basic bomb(1-clay, 1-string) Req. Blast Chamber] (Bombs explode 30 seconds after placement or when a mob gets within 3 blocks- blast radius is 5 blocks.)
Lv:1 Sparkle!- The Saboteur can now make flash bombs! [Flash bomb(1-clay, 1-string,) Req. Blast Chamber] (These deal no damage but stun an enemy. Great for dealing with archers.)
Lv:2 Burn it to the ground!- The Saboteur can now make fire bombs! [Fire bomb(1-clay, 1-string, 1-coal) Req. Blast Chamber] (Deal less damage than a basic bomb but light the enemy aflame. Great for dealing with lots of small guys.)
Lv:4 Silent but deadly!- The Saboteur can now make gas bombs! [Gas bomb(1-clay, 1-string, 3-medical herbs) Req. Blast Chamber] (These deal no damage but anyone in the gas for more than 30 sec dies. Great for dealing with foes trying to knock down your door.)
Lv:5 The Big One!- The Saboteur can now make large bombs! Double the radius for all bombs and basic bombs now deal double damage for double the resources!
Lv:6 Carpet Bombing!- The Saboteur can now make Cluster bombs! [Cluster bomb(2-clay, 2-string, 5- basic bombs) Req. Blast Chamber] (The cluster bomb is a large bomb that has five basic bombs inside it that explode on impact!)

Art Posted!

Type: Mastery. Trigger: As a Herbalist or Cleric bring three Hearthlings back from the brink of death.
Summary: In the months after the Reclaiming War the sages went over river and mountain, bringing their skills to those who needed them. They taught the children and consoled the soldiers. Both teachers and healers they restored the kingdom to it’s former glory one person at at a time. The sick were healed and the angry calmed when a sage came to town bringing peace in their footsteps. They are the pride of the Church of Plenty, masters of healing and full of wisdom these elders are always there to lend an ear or a hand.- On the Church of Plenty by Robald the Quickhanded [to be expanded]

Abilities: Lv:0 Gain herbalist abilities up to level 3. Can negate negative moral effects by talking to other Hearthlings.
Lv:2 Happy days!- Reduce the moral drop for the next Hour of nearby Hearthlings.
Lv:4 Wisdom of the ages.- The Sage imparts his wisdom. (By talking with other Hearthlings he can boost their exp gain for an hour.)
Lv:6 Tales of the ancients.- At night the Sage sits by the fire and tells stories of ages past boosting the moral of those who stop to listen.

Type: special. Trigger: slay 30 wild beasts (wolves or varanus) or capture 300 wild critters.
Summary: Spider taught weaving, Monkey, pottery, and Woodpecker, carving but it was Wolf who taught the Hearthkin to survive. How to hunt. How to blend in to the background and stalk their prey. It is said that Wolf found three children of the hearth and showed them the secrets of the pack. How to run along the forest floor and lurk amidst the dunes. They mastered the arts of Knife and Bow and finally when the three were grown they went on to gather their own packs. What became of them you ask? Well…What is wolf in the old tounge? That’s right! Rayya! - Professor Darmin on the origin of the Three Great Tribes [subject to change based on finding out who Rayya actually is.]

At home in the wild these Hearthlings can go for days without coming back to town. Designate a ranger camp zone and a ranger will go and set up their tent. They will passively harvest wood and plants while their without actually consuming any resources in the area, the more of a resource the more they will bring back at the end of their trip. While out they get their own food and will actually bring back any extra they find. If they can’t find any they will come back early though. Due to increased stealth in the woods they are not likely to be attacked while on a trip.

Abilities: Lv:0 Can set up Ranger zones [max size 32x32] 1 zone per ranger. For every mature tree in the zone they will bring back one log per day and for any wild plants will be harvested once a day. They will try and hunt any small critters in the area, the higher the body and mind stats the more successful they will be. To start they will go out for two days at a time.
Lv:1 Animal Companion.
Lv:2 Bigger Backpack.- The Ranger can now stay out for three days.
Lv:4 Travel Preparations.- You can now pay the Ranger 100 gold to bring back more stuff! (Will bring back 10% more stuff.)
Lv:5 Child of the wild.- The Ranger can now stay out for 5 days and is even better at hunting small game.
Lv:6 Member of the Pack.- The Ranger now has a wolf companion! (Can now hunt bigger game that enters the zone! Like sheep or poyo or even other wolves!)

Far-Striker- (Achivement: There can only be one!)
Type: Unique. Trigger: As a Lv:6 Archer kill a Kobold General Archer with regular arrows.

Summary: “Come on you lazy maggots! It’s just one puny Hearth-rat with a dinky little bow! Charge!” Thwip, glurk! Thwip, glack! Thwip, ack! Thwip, aggh! “Dodge you idiot’s!” “Oi! Boss where is the hearthie’ anyway?” “Huh? Where did he go?” “Boss up there! On the-” Thwip, gak! “He’s on the Hill! Go, Go!” “Ragghhh!!” Thwip, glurk! Thwip, glack! Thwip, ack! Thwip, aggh! “Wait, that’s a big bow!” Thud, splish …“It’s called a ballista, you uncultured swine.”
-The last battle of the 3rd Goblin Raiders.

[Name of Hearthling] has such good aim that he is capable of making minute adjustments to a ballista’s aim on the fly, picking off foes from the other side of town, This allows [him/her] to wield this mighty weapon in defense of the community!

Lv:0 Balista usage unlocked! (The ballista is a massive crossbow mounted on a stand. It takes a few seconds to set up and to target the enemy but once ready the massive bolts start punching through the wielder’s foes. -20% speed while carrying the ballista.)
Lv:1 Mine’s Bigger Than Your’s.- Can use up to Lv:2 Archer abilities.
Lv:2 I Can See You!- Absolutely massive range.
Lv:4 Thud, Head-shot!- Any foe at less than 50% health has a 5% chance to be one shot.
Lv:5 Shock and Aw.- The ballista now might stun on impact for 2 sec.
Lv:6 Meteor Shot.- The ballista now has the chance to fire an explosive arrow that has a chance to burn the foes in 5 block range.(Once Lv:6 has been achived you will now begin to encounter flying foes. they can be hit by archers, the far-striker, turrets, and bombs if they are within the blast radius. Flying enemies will fly above walls!)

Tavern Keeper-
Type: Mastery. Trigger: As a cook prepare 200 meals.
Summary: “Come in! Come in! I have your room ready for you Sir Cid! Would you like to eat now or would you like to rest?” “Later Mr. Burlyhands for I have an announcement to make! Everyone! May I have your attention please! The Kahn is dead! The war is over! We have reclaimed our kingdom!” “…You must be joking!” “I don’t joke Master Hammerhand.” “By Rayya! He’s not joking!” “Huzzah!” “Hooray!” “Next rounds on me lads!” “No,No! It’s on me!” Thud “The Night’s on me.” “… Okay Sir Cid. Well you heard the man!” “Ha ha!” “Praise Rayya! Praise the King! Praise Johnathan’s mother!” “I’ll drink to that!” “What! Guys!” - The Wandering Leaves Inn just after the end of the Reclamation War.

The Tavern Keeper has a most holy task…to supply the town with Beer! …And run the tavern of course. The tavern is a gathering place for all sorts of people, traders, bards, mercenaries and adventurers!

Abilities: Lv:0 I has a Building and Beer!- The Tavern Keeper sets up shop in any building with an inn sign. If there are multiple they will choose the best one. (the one with the most tables and chairs. If that is a tie then the one with the most rooms with single beds and then just the most beds.) The Tavern Keeper will turn one bundle of wheat into a bottle of beer on his own until he has fifty. The level of the tavern keeper is determined by the quality of the tavern. The tavern keeper will now sell beer for 2 gold to NPCs!

Lv:1 I has food!- (requires at least 1 table and chair) The tavern keeper can now sell meals at 10 gold each to NPCs! The more table settings the more he can sell.(About 2 meals per chair that’s facing a table.)

Lv:2 I has Music!-(requires at least 8 table settings) The tavern now attracts bards! (Earn 2 more gold per meal and nearby hearthlings are happier.)

Lv:3 I has Beds!- (Requires Lv:2 and 2 beds.) The Tavern now attracts traders! (These traders are just passing through but can be persuaded to part with some of their goods for gold. [They have cheaper goods than normal! but less) also NPCs will pay 20 gold for a night.)

Lv:4 I has Mercenaries?-(requires Lv:2 and 8 beds) The tavern now attracts mercenaries! (Pay them 100 gold and they will fight for you!..for a day.)

Lv:5 I has Adventurers!- (Requires Lv:4 and 2 single bedrooms) The Tavern now attracts adventurers! (Pay them 100 gold and they will go off and find things for you! What will they find? …ehh might be nothing, might be a legendary item. Where do they find things? I don’t know! A broken pot or something?)

Lv:6 I has …?-(Requires lv:5 and to have serviced 100 people at lv:5) The tavern now attracts spirits and other creatures of myth! (They will give you quests to complete and will reward you handsomely in return with magic items and other treasures.)

Wolf-Kin- (Achievement: I am … Fluffy!)
Type: Unique. Trigger: Destroy three kobold wolf cages single handedly.

Summary: “Some say that when the moon rises over the eastern mountains when the fog is thick and the clouds fill the sky, you can hear it…” “Hear what, Granda?” “Patience, girl! I’m about to tell you!” “Eep!” “You can hear the howl of the great wolves echoing down from the mountain-tops and feel it shake you to the core. For it means that the Wolf-Kin are out hunting the shadows that dwell within the corners of the world. With sword and bow they cull their ranks and then with claw and fang move in for the kill along aside their animal kin.” “Oh, they sound scary…” “That they are, dear but they also do a very important job for us keeping back the shadow clan.” “The shadow clan?” " A story for another night dear."

  • Scholar King Mordan of the Large Lexicon to a young Princess Diana The-Eater-of-Cupcakes!

[Hearthling’s Name] has been blessed by the Wolf Mother with the power of the Wolf-Kin! These mighty warriors can take on beastly forms and are a sight to behold on the battlefield but beware! With their fighting prowess comes their ancient enemies…

Abilities: Lv:0- Beast-Shape(The hearthling takes on a bestial form doubling all stats when at half-health.)
Lv:1 _Un_natural Weaponry- The Wolf-Kin can now use unlocked footman skills up to Lv:3.
Lv:2 Primal Strength- +1 Body
Lv:3 Hunting Cry!- Minor stat boost to all party members.
Lv:5 Pack Tactics!- Gets two wolf companions!
Lv:6 Lunar Blessing.- Word of the Wolf-Kin’s strength has spread far and wide and whispers have spread to the ears of those thought long dead… Those who were best forgotten… The Wolf Mother will grant [hearthling’s name] her strength but prepare yourselves young ones… (The Wolf-Kin gets an attack boost and double damage to the shades. The Shades, mortal enemies of the Wolf-Kin, have come out of their hiding places to extinguish the last remaining gleam of their hated foes, and be careful they can walk through walls and doors! They can’t cross water though.)

Historian-(achievement: You’ve mastered 1 class! Try three.)
Type: Unique. Trigger: Reach Lv:6 in 3 classes.

Summary: “So what are you looking for young one? Tales of knights and dragons, princes and faeries, adventure and pirates?” “mumble” “I’m sorry, what was that?” “I said I’m looking for how to become a blacksmith!” “Oh really?” “Yeah got a problem with that!?” “No,no. Just surprised that someone your age would be looking to pick up a job.” “That’s none of your business!” “Look, I was quite the craftsman when I was younger so why don’t I take a look through my records and see if we can get you started on making something, alright?” “…okay…” - Reed Wilder, Grand Historian to Otto Crankfrown, future guild-master.

The historian is a master of the pen, recording everything he knows in vast tomes of knowledge. Weather that’s age old crafting techniques, the locations of hidden ruins, or just what he had for breakfast this morning if you want to learn something his is the Hearthling to talk to.

Abilities: stuff to do with exp gain and partial multi classing. {to be refined}

Type: Special Trigger: Deal the most damage out of all hearthlings three days in a row.

Summary: “Axemen! To the front! Archers! Fire at the first sign of the enemy lancers! Shield Bearers to the flanks!” “Yes, Chief!” “You got it Boss!” “Kronak! There! A light on the ridge!” “Take them down! Fire!” Thwip, Thwip, Thwip. Arrows streak into the darkness as more lights appear along the sides of the mountain pass. “What are they going to do from up there? They have no archers left and they barely have enough lances to arm themselves let alone throw them down at us. What are they going to do? Jump at us?” “Uh, Chief? Don’t look now but…” “You can’t be serious?..Oh god…Are they mad?!”

And that was the last thing he said before I put my lance though his heart while I landed on his friend’s head! From the middle of their formation and having eliminated their commander it was easy to slaughter them all and they deserved it too after everything they had done to our tribe!
-Gledroga the First Lance.

The Dragoons were the Northkin’s response to the Dragon-Kin’s aerial superiority. Wearing enchanted armor that allowed them to jump high above the trees and endure the landing, they would leap above their foes and slam into them with their massive lances, bringing them into the reach of their ax wielding friends. Since the Dragon-Kin and the Northkin made peace however they act more as a hidden defense force, hiding on the mountain-tops, they strike down the enemy below with a sudden elemental assault, combining dragon spell-craft with north-kin recklessness.

Abilities: Lv:0 Jump-strike- The Dragoon leaps into the sky and comes down with the force of a meteor dealing 5 times damage but take double damage for the next 2 seconds.
Lv:1 Aerial Maneuvering- The Dragoon no longer has to start a jump-strike right next to a foe but can start 5 blocks away.
Lv:3 Altitude Attitude- The Dragoon can now attack foes five blocks above or below their current height.
Lv:5 Branching Out- The Dragoon adds the fury of the elements to their attacks choosing to add either earth (Terrestrial Dragoon- AOE Shockwaves), ice (Blizzard Dragoon- Freezes the foe), or fire (Infernal Dragoon- Sets the foe aflame) to their arsenal.
Lv:6 Gungnir- The Dragoon overloads their lance with elemental power and throws it at the foe causing it to explode on the target with a radius of 10 blocks hitting everything in range with the force of a jump-strike and dealing double damage on top of that to the primary target. (Consumes a spear from the town inventory on use. Does not unequip spear from user.)

Okay that’s it for tonight. I’ll fix it up tomorrow with some more models probably but that’s all the classes posted! Yay! but feel free to post your own Ideas and stuff! Feed my muse! I do have more ideas but then we start diverging from this concept so…Yeah! Post and discuss this to your hearts content and art is always welcome!


i would actually like to see this added, but the thing i don’t get is would you be able to see all the classes or do you not now how many there are until you unlock them?


Yes you do not know how to unlock the classes or what they are until after they unlock.

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No problem. (Now do I write more classes or play Stonehearth?)


i say write classes xD
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Okay Saboteur, sage and ranger are now in the first post!

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Q: Should I post a Sword-Dancer level 5 idea? A: Maybe.

Sword-Dancer level 5 - Slash Mastery
Can slash even the most vicious of arrows.

Basically cuts arrows if at over 7 blocks distance. (Can change distance, just change the description then too, otherwise it would become a little misleading)

Used to balance the no-armor against the upgraded arrows (slow down (major trouble) and fire (again, major trouble considering the hearthling AI tell’s every hearthling to run when on fire (I think)))

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Yeah, I didn’t even think of that! I like this idea, but it’s actually going to be a higher dodge chance for arrows and I wrapped it in to the lv:4 skill. Feed me with more suggestions! My muse demands it!

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There could be some awesome art done with these classes!

yeah I’m trying to learn how to use quibicle to make these.

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I heard the free one lacked export/import

the way i see this working is, the hidden classes aren’t shown in the class tree AT ALL. but rather instead an NPC would come to your village and say that they took notice with one of your amazing hearthlings and that their talent is being wasted, they would like to promote them to a new class of such and such if you the player would allow it. the class would only show on the hearthling that has it, the skills it gives the hearthling would only show in their character chart, and no other hearthling would benefit from them becoming the new class. this would make each hearthling far more unique as it would require individual hearthlings to have met a specific requirement before being able to change jobs to these new hidden classes.

So would it be randomly generated or do we eventually know which things create what units ?

I think many of the current suggestions could be done like this.


one of your footmen does something smart and thus triggers the npc to come along with the option to promote ?

Also, MagicaVoxel is really easy

I taught it myself alone in less than 5 minutes

So @Kitkat_Matt The classes only show up in the Class Tree for that specific Hearthling and I’m not sure how I feel about the NPC for all the classes but I can definitely see it for the Master-[job] class and any other ones that only add one ability to a previous class but most of the classes that I have posted are just that, classes, and as such should be in the class tree. Also If you have to promote them instantly then you might miss out on some of the class abilities like with the giant slayer if the Hearthling doesn’t have 3 levels in knight the first skill is useless. Nice idea though! I’m just not sure how I feel about it.

Yes you will eventually be able to work out what unlocks what and no they are not randomly generated every class has a set unlock requirement but they aren’t actually ever stated in game.

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Speaking of achievement, for the steam version of the game, would achievements be liked, or wanted? I personally would want them but I sure would like them - I think it would be cool

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Okay! Guys here’s the giant Slayer.(Can anyone tell me how to put the head and body together?)


Okay Ranger abilities are posted along with Far-Striker and Tavern Keeper!

Also @LordGovernorGeneral I would like to see steam achievements as well! Especially for the unique classes but also for the different campaign stages.

Okay here is the Architect images.

Wow I’m getting a lot done tonight!

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well no. what i mean by the classes are hidden i mean specifically the special unique classes that aren’t a simple upgrade in the class tree. if let’s say there is a paladin class that’s hidden that requires a hearthling to be a master cleric, master knight, and a master herbalist in order to become the paladin, the Paladin class itself is hidden, however let’s say the kind might appear or a high priest or something will come to town, see this hearthling and be like YO YOU HAVE AMAZING HEALING AND FIGHTING SKILLS AND CARE ABOUT OTHERS WELL BEING, BECOME A PALADIN! upon this happening a notification will come up asking if you’d like to promote the hearthling to paladin, this would be a one way promotion, if you say yes and then make them another class after they can’t simply go back to paladin on the fly as the class would still be hidden in the class tree menu.