Tales from the Hearthland: A history lesson. [Fan-History?]

Welcome, young and old! I see some new faces out there across the fire! Well then, pull up a log and sit down! Let’s get started shall we! Tonight’s tale is of the days of yore from the time before the kingdom’s founding…A story of mighty monsters, grand giants, powerful warriors and some of it might even be true…

The sun sets over the walls of Hearthhome, not the great walls made of stone we have today! No, these were carved from the trunks of massive trees. Aye, wider then two men put shoulder to shoulder they were. As the gates creak shut a small figure is thrown out of them, the gates bang shut and the figure, nay, the girl turns and starts banging on the gates wailing and crying for them to open again…Not exactly warrior material now is she?

Ah, don’t worry she’ll get there eventually. The last bit’s of sunlight fades over the hills as the girl stops pounding on the gate, her hands raw and bloody. This is Radona, an orphan beggar who according to the shopkeeper stole five loaves of bread, two rolls of cheese, three potatoes and a chicken. This is a lie. She stole a single loaf of bread and piece of cheese, no potatoes and the chicken was her’s to begin with. For her crimes she was thrown out of town and told never to return. Now, now, I know you think that was quite a harsh punishment and so did Radona! Kan’vo was caught stealing a whole steak once and he was assigned to do chores for the butcher… who adopted him after anyway! Now this seamed quite unfair to the girl but unbeknownst to her, Radona felt off to the townsfolk. They felt on edge around her, like a single touch and something would break. What would happen? No one knew but no one wanted to find out.

It wasn’t anything you would notice just by looking at her but the longer you stayed in her presence the more you would feel something lurking at the edge of your vision, hiding, lurking, waiting for the perfect moment to strike and then as the pressure became to great to bear and you turned around to look there would be nothing. But the feeling would still be there and would last until long after you had left the girl behind. The girl didn’t look like some monster of the night though, standing at just above of two and a quarter blck’s (1 blck = 1 cube length) she was small for her age and with hair so dirty and filled with sticks and leaves, you could just barely see a hint of red hair through it all. The only hint of something else about her was her eyes, large, green, and hard as rock they seemed otherworldly to the townsfolk.

Regardless, Radona trudged on through the dark forest, for hour after hour, with her only light being the sliver of the moon hanging in the blackened sky. She could hear the sounds of creatures still as she walked past, even the forest dwellers could not stand her presence. On and on she walked until she could walk no more. Moving to lay down in the hollow of a rock, she banged her bleeding hand, forgotten about in her misery. Shredding her left sleeve for bandages she wrapped her hands and drifted off.

  • Sannolga the Wordweaver telling the Legend of Radona: The Beginning.
    Part 2

Author’s note
So for those of you who don’t know me…Hello I’m John and welcome to my second thread here on the Stonehearth discourse! My other one is Hidden Abilities and Classes! [Hearthling Achievements] and that has some pretty cool history stuff over there that I’ll also copy down below to go along with some extra classes! So with out further ado here are some history snippets.

Snippets from my other thread
In the times before the kingdom’s founding when the hearthkin hid behind their mighty walls in fear of the great beasts that roamed the wilds there were those mighty few who left the warmth of Home and Hearth behind and returned with spoils of things far larger then themselves. The Giant Slayers. Now, [Insert Name of Hearthling Here] has begun to follow in the footsteps of these legendary fighters and [he/she] brings thunder in their wake. - Records of [Insert name of settlement here]

There’s an army on the horizon. They are coming for you and your fellows. Your swords are ready, your will sharp. With a cry the archers stand and a low thrum echoes as a hail of arrows darkens the sky. You leap forward, racing the shafts as your swords sing for blood. The broad-heads thud into the foe as your blades flash in the noon light. One down, uncountable to go. Dancing through the oncoming forest of steel and flesh cutting through all in your way you catch flashes of your fellows whirling through the sea of bodies. As the sun sets over the bloodied fields you sheath your blades and treat your many gaping wounds ignored during the bloody dance. - Excerpt from the tales of Caldia the Blade-Sworn, Commander of the 3rd legion.

“Go! Go! Take this message to King Faldorn! The White Citadel has fallen! The goblins have taken the western provinces! Well what are you waiting for? Go! Run like you never have before! Rayya preserve us! Warrior guide my blade! Ragh!” And so I ran. I ran all day and all night. From the White Fields to the Red River outpost where I mounted their fastest horse until I got to Hearthhome and collapsed before the gates of the castle crying for an audience. I awoke in the infirmary a week later and by then the goblins were at the walls. It was then that I swore that I would never again be so weak.

  • The rise of Cid: Book 1-Chapter 4

“Come at me you worthless excuses for meat sacks!” Clang! “Is that all you got!” Thud!“My grandson hits harder then that!” Crash!"Well let me show you how it’s done!“BOOM! “Caldia! Take 'em down!” shling shang shlup thud “Always need me to finish the job don’t you Kaido!” “What? No! I just softened them up for you! Figured you could use the help.” “Are you calling me weak 'cause I’m a girl you sorry excuse for a meat sheild!” “Oh no.” " Uh, Bozz. I dink we should retreat while da skary lady and da angry maan ar fightin’.” “Good dinking minion!” - Record of a skirmish during the Reclamation War.

The clashing of swords could be heard as a shadow climbs the castle walls, it’s cargo stored in a satchel ready to devastate the goblin hoard. It flits over the fortifications as a giant ogre charges out of the gate scattering the attackers. “Oh no. Better lend a hand.” An orb falls from the battlements to the monstrosity’s feet. The shadow descends into the courtyard as a large explosion can be heard from the gates. “Good luck guys.” The shadow dashes through an open door. “Oh by Rayya’s Left Eyeball!” The shadow had walked straight into a goblin patrol. With a quick toss an orb hits the ground with a mighty flash and the shadow runs through the stunned greenskins. “That was close.” The rest of the journey goes without a hitch and the shadow reaches the top of the citadel. “For Cid! For the Kingdom! For my mother!” The shadow tosses a white orb into the commanders face and runs. Flames rush behind them as the shadow flees.

  • Storyteller’s rendition of The Epic of Shanda: a tale of one of Cid’s compatriots during the Reclamation War.

In the months after the Reclaiming War, the sages went over river and mountain, bringing their skills to those who needed them. They taught the children and consoled the soldiers. Both teachers and healers they restored the kingdom to it’s former glory one person at at a time. The sick were healed and the angry calmed when a sage came to town bringing peace in their footsteps. They are the pride of the Church of Plenty, masters of healing and full of wisdom these elders are always there to lend an ear or a hand.- On the Church of Plenty by Robald the Quickhanded

Spider taught weaving, Monkey, pottery, and Woodpecker, carving but it was Wolf who taught the Hearthkin to survive. How to hunt. How to blend in to the background and stalk their prey. It is said that Wolf found three children of the hearth and showed them the secrets of the pack. How to run along the forest floor and lurk amidst the dunes. They mastered the arts of Knife and Bow and finally when the three were grown they went on to gather their own packs. What became of them you ask? Well…What is wolf in the old tounge? That’s right! Rayya! - Professor Darmin on the origin of the Three Great Tribes [subject to change based on finding out who Rayya actually is.] (My head-cannon is that Rayya is a mother goddess with multiple forms. Sometimes she is a plain-faced mothering hearthkin, others she is a giant wolf.)

“Come in! Come in! I have your room ready for you Sir Cid! Would you like to eat now or would you like to rest?” “Later Mr. Burlyhands for I have an announcement to make! Everyone! May I have your attention please! The Kahn is dead! The war is over! We have reclaimed our kingdom!” “…You must be joking!” “I don’t joke Master Hammerhand.” “By Rayya! He’s not joking!” “Huzzah!” “Hooray!” “Next rounds on me lads!” “No,No! It’s on me!” Thud “The Night’s on me.” “… Okay Sir Cid. Well you heard the man!” “Ha ha!” “Praise Rayya! Praise the King! Praise Johnathan’s mother!” “I’ll drink to that!” “What! Guys!” - The Wandering Leaves Inn just after the end of the Reclamation War.

“Some say that when the moon rises over the eastern mountains when the fog is thick and the clouds fill the sky, you can hear it…” “Hear what, Granda?” “Patience, girl! I’m about to tell you!” “Eep!” “You can hear the howl of the great wolves echoing down from the mountain-tops and feel it shake you to the core. For it means that the Wolf-Kin are out hunting the shadows that dwell within the corners of the world. With sword and bow they cull their ranks and then with claw and fang move in for the kill along aside their animal kin.” “Oh, they sound scary…” “That they are dear but they also do a very important job for us keeping back the shadow clan.” “The shadow clan?” " A story for another night dear."

  • Scholar King Mordan of the Large Lexicon to a young Princess Diana The-Eater-of-Cupcakes!

“So what are you looking for young one? Tales of knights and dragons, princes and faeries, adventure and pirates?” “mumble” “I’m sorry, what was that?” “I said I’m looking for how to become a blacksmith!” “Oh really?” “Yeah got a problem with that!?” “No,no. Just surprised that someone your age would be looking to pick up a job.” “That’s none of your business!” “Look, I was quite the craftsman when I was younger so why don’t I take a look through my records and see if we can get you started on making something, alright?” “…okay…” - Reed Wilder, Grand Historian to Otto Crankfrown, future guild-master.

So those are all the history related snippets from my other project but there are a few non-history related ones.
The first tale that I’m telling you Is the story of one of the first and most powerful giant slayers: Radona the Thunder-Breaker. From there I will continue up through my head-cannon timeline, sometimes adding snippets and others adding parts of stories and epics. Anyway here is the time line and list of characters.


-(1,000 years Before Unification) [Era of Giants]
Massive creatures roam the land leaving devastation in their wake. The Dwarves hide in their caves, the Elves attempt to divert them, and the Hearthkin flee to the north with some scattered remnants fortifying themselves in walled fortress towns. Some members of the various species wander the wild places and survive and even thrive there. The strongest of them can drive off or even kill the behemoths…for a price.
Radona the Thunder-Breaker
Icagrus the Harbinger
Sodom and Gomorrah the Twin Calamities
Forroria the Undying

-(800~750 B.U.) [The Return]
Most of the Hearthkin return from the north except for a few scattered tribes who like it up there. The Elves hide their towns from mortal eyes. The Dwarves begin to expand into the western mountain range.
Bolroga Ice-Ax
Flandari Windshaper

-(730~710 B.U.) [The Awakening] (also known as the Dwarves accidentally a prison break)
The Dwarves mining operations in the west breach a great seal triggering the eruption of the sleeping volcano known as Mt. Ulrurovga and releasing the shadow clan back into the world along with flooding many of their western tunnels with lava.
Yundok Brave-pick (Every major calamity that happens for the next hundred years is his fault.)
Shar’dos the black

-(700-600 B.U.) [Era of Spirits]
The war between the shadow clan and the gods empowered soldiers rages on for a hundred years. The elves are almost annihilated by the crossfire and the usage of arcane forces not seen since the lighting of the Great Hearth awaken primal forces within the earth causing the elementals to walk the land again for the first time in 2,000 years. When the Shadow clan are driven back to the wilds beyond the Western Mountains Rayya creates the Wolf-kin to patrol the border, hunting down any who dare cross the treaty line.
The gods
Elmardock of the Many Leaves
Claws of Many Hunts
Child of Moon and Dawn

-(450 B.U.) [Desert Tribes are founded]
The Hearthkin children of the Wolf-Kin split from the Packs and move into the desert in three great tribes. (beginning of the Rayya’s Children) Also during this time the other Hearthkin are founding small feifdoms in the lands to the south of the desert across the Farzin Mountain range.

Undecided yet

-(300-23 B.U) [Era of Strife]
The Fiefdoms in the south fight among-st themselves for land, wealth and power while also driving off goblin raids from the east. The desert tribes continue as they have done for the past 150 years while the northkin raid and explore along the north-western edge of the continent. (Who are they raiding? Well lets just say they they are scaly, can fly, humanoid, and think your good with various condiments. Because if a wolf goddess can make the Wolf-Kin then a dragon god can make Dragon-Kin) The Dwarves are kind of still dealing with the backlash of half of their population dying due to an accidental volcanic eruption. The Elves are presumably dead.
Carmine the Scorching Lance

-(22 B.U.-0 A.U.) [The era of unification]
The Leader of Hearthhome leads his armies to conquer the rest of the fiefdoms and crowns himself king of the Hearthkin. Everyone else is doing the same stuff they were doing before.
King Girando Faldorn the 1st
Tanava the ranger
and others…

-(30 A.U.) [The Birth of Cid]
Cid Is Born
Cid’s parents.
-(46-50 A.U.) [The Goblin War]
The goblins attack the kingdom in a surprise all out blitzkrieg taking the capitol within two weeks but are unable to take rest of the kingdom as easily.
King Girando Faldorn the 3rd
-(50-52 A.U.) [The Reclamation War]
Cid returns with his compatriots and after an initial disagreement begin retaking the kingdom with surprising ease.
Cid: Knight
Han: Archer
Shanda: Saboteur
Caldia: Sword-Dancer
Kaido: Bastion
Bulta: Ranger
Lodian: Priest (later Sage)

-(60-294 A.U.) [Golden Age]
Cid’s crushing victory and resulting rules of warfare sets the stage for the continent up until present day. The peace only collapses when a plague that claims the royal family is followed by a massive earthquake that reduces much of the kingdom to rubble.

-(295-435 A.U.) [Era of Blood]
The Kingdom collapses into a mess of warring provinces with a figure head on the throne.

-(436-441 A.U.) [Return of the Knight of Dawn and the War of the Three Realms]
One of Cid’s descendants reclaims the throne with the help of one of the desert tribes and the Khan of the Red Star, in exchange for trading rights and some of the farmland to the south respectively.
Cirdona Mordan: Knight
Jilra: Footman
Ortol Arrow-Shooter: Archer

-(442-500 A.U.) [Era of Peace]

-(Present) [Era of Exploration]
The newly crowned Princess Diana Mordan the second has sent explorers and colonists to explore the north-eastern reaches of the land beyond the kingdom and to try and find any records that might have been lost during the era of blood.

The Dwarves are stirring within their tunnels and have begun to venture out for the first time in twelve hundred years.
There are rumors of pointy eared individuals of unearthly beauty roaming the eastern forests. To the south the scouts report sightings of mermaids and lines of fire in the sky along with the sound of wings. The howls of the Great Wolves echo out of the Western Mountains and across the plains signaling the return of things long thought dead. A tavern keeper swears that a gnome came into his tavern and asked for a pint, and so does everyone else that was there that night. The townsfolk of Stonemaw Peak have renamed the town to Stonemaw’s Back on account of the mountain growing legs and walking south. Word from the Desert Tribes is that Rayya walks the Earth again in mortal form and the Northkin report sightings of the great serpents.

The world is waking up again and it looks like this is going to be an interesting era.

How Magic Works in This Version of History and How it Relates to Giant Slayers
(Among other things…)

You’ve heard it before, words have power, the power to hurt and the power to heal, to inspire armies and to halt them, but here, in this world, they have literal and tangible power. Not in the verbal sense that saying something will cause a reaction but in that they can convince people of something. Belief holds weight here and is the origin of magic. Mages force their belief on the world to cast spells, while the elves implant rumors of great enchantments in everyone’s ears and through that belief it is so, and the dwarves as a whole believe that every crafted item has some magic, the better crafted the item the more magic it has. In this world if you believe you can you can do anything, you will…as long as you have the mana to fuel the spell. Mana has the capability to make the beliefs of people reality and the more who believe the less mana it takes. This is how gods are born as well when enough people believe in a god and there is some free mana around a god will form. Gods are the only truly magical creature in the world besides the Fay who used a spell to transform their entire race but more on that another time.

Mage spells get more powerful the more people believe they work because you can use the same amount of mana for a better result.

Enchantments work by telling people that it’s there and then, through spell craft and trickery, convincing people it exists until when you cast the spell it runs off the ambient mana in the area but need to be clearly defined.

Magic items have mana in them at the time of crafting and work simply because people believe they should. The more people who believe the less mana they consume to use. The exception to this is really old myth blades which have absorbed their legend to the point where it is simply a part of them.

Now for how this all applies to Giant Slayers!

The rumors and tales of a person have power, often going unnoticed but the magic of the myth blade allows it to take that power and manifest it into a tangible form. This applies to the wielder as well, any rumors and myths about them can eventually become truth through the myth blade’s power, for example Radona the Thunder-Breaker can call lightning to her side and use it to empower her attacks but she has no magic of her own, she isn’t a mage and her abilities have nothing to do with magic in the sense of spell-craft. It’s far more primal then that, whenever Radona went into battle it coincided with a lightning storm and eventually people believed she was the cause. Once enough people believed that then the myth blade took that belief and manifested it as the ability to summon and control lightning. Most abilities are unique to the slayer but sometimes they can show up again when the myths overlap. In this case it’s because the hearthlings believe that all Giant Slayers can use lightning to attack that the present day one can use Thunderous Blow. Now this myth becoming reality isn’t unique to the myth blade, mages do it all the time by forcing their belief on the world to cast a spell and the titans of old had myths so renowned it made them live far beyond their natural lifespan because people simply believe they are still around. The reason Giant Slayers can do this though is the fact that the myth blades are crafted out of items with high magical or mythical importance, such as the bones of a titan or a sword passed down for generations or even a rock that people believe is a meeting place for the fey. The only special ability the Giant Slayers have is that they seem to just stumble upon these items at random and how to combine them to create a focus for the belief around them. This is due to the fact that the Giant Slayers were Rayya’s first attempt at making the Hearthkin’s champions. It didn’t go so well, sure they defended the Hearthlings well enough but they were unpredictable and reckless and prone to vanishing after the deed was done.

The Giant Slayer’s personal abilities are essentially passive enchantments applied to the slayer that get stronger over time.

The gist of it in in-game terms the myth blade is capable of stealing exp from foes when they die to increase it’s own damage and grant fantastic abilities to it’s wielder when their personal legend gets strong enough. (When they reach lv:6.)

Some Notable Giant Slayers:
Icagrus the Harbinger: Always seemed to show up just before a titan would attack, rumored to be able to predict the beasts arrival. Gained the ability to know the location of any titans within a day’s journey.

Sodom and Gomorrah the Twin Calamities: Their battles with titans cause extreme collateral damage and while none of it was their fault they gained the ability to cause explosions on impact.

Forroria the Undying: Rumored to have been killed several times but was always seen later perfectly fine.
So called deaths: House collapsed on top of her…She was in the cellar.
Fell off a cliff…She landed on a hidden ledge below and rolled into a cave while knocked unconscious.
Thrown into raging rapids…Managed to grab onto a log before swept downstream.
Incinerated by dragon fire… Actually the dragon just sneezed out the cave entrance…What? you don’t sneeze on guests that’s rude!
Died of poison…Actually this one is true but by this time she had gained her ability of being unable to die an unnatural death.

Legendary Myth Blades:
Some myth blades are passed on to other wielders beyond their first retaining their strength until finally they gain a myth of their own and with it their own unique abilities.
Some Examples:
Excalibur: A sword rumored to have never lost a fight. It’s wielders are incapable of losing so long as it is possible for them to win without the blade. To clarify if they could win through luck then they will win with Excalibur. This does not mean that they can’t lose. Excalibur only comes into play if there is the slightest chance they can win without it so if they need a sword to cut through a titan’s flesh and they only have Excalibur around, well they can’t actually win then can they without Excalibur and its just a normal sword for the fight. They could still win but it isn’t guaranteed.

Gea’ Bolg: A spear that supposedly never misses. It will always go to where the wielder aims it but that doesn’t mean it will hit the target. It will always pass through the point in space where the wielder aims but the target might not be there when the spear gets there.

Izzkaril: A knife that is said to cause pain without cutting. This knife has a conceptual edge, ignores armor and does not actually wound the target but leaves debilitating phantom pain that will last until the time required for the nonexistent real wound to heal.

Nykosoro: Said to have an insatiable lust for blood there are rumors that this arrow is cursed. Once this arrow has touched blood it will always point to the thing who’s blood it is. If the arrow does not kill the owner of the blood it touched it will kill the user.

Alright I’m done for the night! Tell me what you think!


You can get a summary if you can not stand read everything?

Someone make art of the history. This is going to at least be the official fan-cannon, if not the official cannon. @Relyss , Cause why not! How do I call out to Team Radian’s upper-echoleon instead?

Where’s Tanava the Ranger from the other thread? oh wait, it’s says and others in the era description she must have been born in.

Yeah Tanava’s doing her thing during the Era of Unification. Her eldest granddaughter Bulta is with Cid though during the Reclamation War.

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Wow @John_Lau I’m impressed with all the work you’ve done. I’m glad that lore is walking back up on the discourse, and you seem to be near the head of it.

I really want to give you my comments on the stove work (s) but I’m gonna have to postpone until I can get the time to write an in depth post. Unfortunately that will probably be in about a month… So to suffice it to say I’m impressed.

If you intend to continue writing the history feel free to send me a PM with any/every question you might have regarding the official lore, I have been diligently pestering the team for several years for lore secrets, and I would love to share some of the info I know.


Alright, thanks! I’ll do that once I get started on the next segment which should be sometime this week. (wanted to do it this weekend but I got called into work…)


Alright everyone I know this seems like a bump but I put a bunch of stuff in the main post on magic and the giant slayers and there will be an update on Radona’s story on Monday. I’ve got some of it already written and I’ve taken @TurtleSquish up on his offer of juicy lore tidbits to flesh the whole thing out!

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Welcome, ladies, maids, gentalkin, lads, Sam, Hearthlings all. Tonight I continue the tale I told last time we sat 'round the hearth. We spoke of Radona and how she was exiled to the great wilderness from Hearthhome. How her very presence disturbed the folk around her. Now let me tell the tale of her first victory, the killing of the minor titan Amarok, the giant wolf.

Thunder roared like the cry of some great beast, waking the sleeping Radona. As her eyes opened she witnessed the flash of lightning crossing the sky and lighting the shadowed forest floor below. The howl of wolves echoed across the valley between the crashes of thunder, the call of the hunt sounding through the trees. The great predators smelled blood in the air and sensed easy prey. Radona stood and began to run, faster and faster until the trees blurred together in the darkness, fleeing the hounds that roamed the land, seeking shelter until she found a clearing with a mighty tree in the center. With a running leap she grasped the lowest branch and pulled herself up into it’s waiting boughs. The beasts that followed the scent of her fear burst out of the treeline and circled the ancient oak she sequestered herself in. They howled out unto the blackened sky and a fantastic response rumbled back through the forest, the harbinger of a greater being. Radona ascended farther up the branches until they thinned. Taking her knife she hacked away at a bough, cutting it from the trunk, making a makeshift spear. It was a poor replacement for a proper weapon but Radona would take what she could get. The wolves began to jump at the lower branches, seeking blood and flesh, to rend and tear, primal fury lighting their eyes in the night.

A smaller wolf managed to jump onto a branch and began to ascend the old oak. Radona climbed higher until the branches snapped off in her hands but still the wolf followed. Her hands shook as they gripped her stick, fear gripped her tight, the wolf getting ever closer. Then with a great leap the beast went for her jugular, aiming to bring her down to the pack below. Radona’s hands frantically blurred into motion, hidden instincts surfacing, awoken to stave off death for another moment, her spear slamming into the predator’s skull, knocking it off course and into her shoulder. Radona fell from her high perch, hitting some branches until she landed on a larger bough. The wolf though plowed into the loam below with a sickening crack, crumpling into itself as it landed. Hauling herself farther up the tree, Radona checked her shoulder. Bleeding profusely from the places where the fangs carved into it and scraped from the fall, she had to bandage it. Tearing the hem of her shirt, she attempted to stop the bleeding with the scraps. Cracks and thuds could be heard from the woods, getting ever closer to our hero, until out of the trees came a massive white wolf drenched from the rain with huge red eyes that sang of murder and death to it’s prey. Amarok, the Beast of the Pack, while not as big as the dragons that were said to live to the south or as lethal as the giant snakes to the east, this titan had made a meal out of many a hunting party over the decades of it’s existence.

The beast charged the tree with a howl, intending to uproot the mighty oak and tear Radona’s broken body out from the wreckage. The girl saw but two options stay and hope that the tree held or jump and hope that she survived the fall. Her decision made she gripped the trunk tight with her arms, her spear clenched in her left hand, dreading the impact to come. With a resounding crash that shook her very bones and rattled her skull, Amarok slammed into the tree sending branches clattering to the ground. But the oak held, cracked and battered but it did not fall. Safe for another minute, she could only hope the pack was discouraged by their two failed attempts to slay her because the tree would not take another blow. The wolves let loose howl that shook the air as Amarok turned around for another charge, Radona faced the choice again and this time she jumped. Waiting for an unseen signal to strike she jumped from the tree and landed on the beast’s nose with her spear buried in it’s ear, with a roar of primal fury that she could see reflected in the beast’s gaze, she ripped her stick out of Amarok’s ear and punched him in the eye. The resulting howl of pain and rage deafened her and the wolf shook its head to be rid of this prey that dared cause it pain. Radona slipped, failing off Amarok’s face, she could feel her leg shatter beneath her when she landed. The giant wolf turned around and lunged for the morsel on the ground, Radona in an attempt to dodge fell sideways. The great maw went past her exposing the jugular of the beast. As lightning flashed around them Radona mustered up the last of her strength to slam the spear into the neck of Amarok and up into his brain. The beast collapsed dead on top of the girl as lightning struck the broken remains of the tree that was her sanctuary not a minute ago the flash of light and sound scaring off the rest of the pack as Radona tried to push the remains of the titan off her legs. Eventually as the sun’s first rays of dawn crest the trees Radona passes out from pain blood loss and fatigue just missing the sight of a funny shaped creature run towards her.

  • Sannolga the Wordweaver telling the Legend of Radona: First Blood.

Done! This rapidly became more than the snippet I wanted it to be so you guys don’t get to see the other two story segments that I was going to write but I should get them up during the week. Anyway let me know what you think!


I’ll say you have now become obsessed… Good work! Keep it up!
I’m still rooting for a sword from my post :stuck_out_tongue: I just care about the name…