I played an Alpha 104 Stonehearth build in my dream

Hi everyone!

For some odd reason, my brain decided to have a dream that took place entirely in Stonehearth! I thought I could share it.

  • Food was worth a lot more. Like one basket would feed two people.
  • There were helper robots. Some of them would haul food, some would be light sources in the night, some would just get into trouble on adventures, marking spots to investigate.
  • Some fruit trees could start yielding bad fruit. Like an apple tree’s apples would be yellow and not tasty anymore.
  • When the hearthlings were mining, the floor has collapsed and there was a dark green cave. It was giant and very deep and the floor was entirely flat, even without stalactites. Three kings were sitting on thrones in the cave - fire, water and rage. We didn’t want to contact them, so I didn’t build a ladder to get down there, but the queen of unicorns, who was my ally, did, so she showed some of my hearthlings down into the cave and the kings noticed, before we built a ladder to escape.
  • There was an abandoned village on the other side if the crevasse, where the grass was a lot greener. The houses weren’t set on the ground, but on a small round table-like device, and would rotate on their own when they got curious.
  • There were prices of armour in a hole with a well inside, that were made of dried lava. The hearthling wearing it would be really slow but immortal.
  • You could make a deal with the Devil, who looked like a goat head on a vertically floating carpet and was white and seethrough.

If you’ve really read this whole thing, thank you! :smile_cat: