[Dev Blog] Alpha 13 Is Here!

Woo! Alpha 13 is here, and it’s a big one!

This release features the debut of Rayya’s Children, the second kingdom to be introduced in the world of Stonehearth. You’ll enjoy exploring their desert biome — it’s much different from the more familiar temperate environment of the Ascendancy, and carries some new challenges to creating your settlement.

Also in this release is the Hearthling Therapist, which replaces the old citizens’ menu and allows you to take more fine-grained control of your hearthlings.

Other features abound, from a choose-your-adventure introduction; the new Potter crafting class; and much more.

More info at: http://stonehearth.net/alpha-13-is-here/


Doors can now be placed in the world like furniture, so they can now be placed in mines/tunnels. The Wooden Double Door fits perfectly with a 4 block wide opening

this has worked out perfectly for some of my initial tests… :+1:


@SteveAdamo and more double doors are on their way for your cave-dwelling pleasure…


on behalf of all cave-dwellers, you have my thanks, good sir… :smile:

I find that with the introduction of the new biome, I have become much more partial to living in caves/underground… love it! :+1: