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Woo!!! Yay!!!


Rayya’s Children assets and images are in this build, even though they are not yet turned on in the game. Reminder: if you want to talk about this stuff, please mark your thread SPOILERS.

We look forward to hearing what you think of the release!


Nice one Radiant <3
Going back to the job :smiley:


Hearthling Therapist

the OCD gods shall be appeased… :smile: :+1:


These patch notes almost brought tears to my eyes! Removing structures?! WOOOOO!

The only thing I’m missing now is the ability to fill the world back in. “Heal Terrain”. Even as a dev command just so I can clean up my town’s aesthetics if I make a mistake (I swear its not my OCD, really).

Great job guys!

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Items now fall off ladders.

Praise Cid!

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By popular demand, added the Gilded Crimson Rug to the game.

I knew I was popular :wink:


Here I am teaching a graphics night class…

Looks awesome, can’t wait to try it. And progress on the game is always great to see! Nice!


For Translators:

  •     },          "tasks": { -> removed
  •         "button_suspend": "suspend", +  "button_resume": "resume" -> added
  •               "clay_brick_resource": "Clay Brick Column" -> added
  •               "clay_brick_resource": "Clay Brick Road" -> added
  •               "clay_brick_resource": "Clay Brick Column" -> added
  •                "clay_brick_resource": "Clay Brick Road" -> added
  •         "clay_brick_resource_name": "Clay Bricks", -> added
  •         "temperate_biome": "Temperate",             "desert_biome": "Desert",            "arctic_biome": "Arctic",            "swamp_biome": "Swamp",            "temperate_biome_description": "Default biome type, with lots of greenery",            "desert_biome_description": "Dry and sandy, with chunky hills and sparse vegetation",            "arctic_biome_description": "Snowy, with tall mountains and large water bodies",            "swamp_biome_description": "Temperate biome, with low mountains and a lot of water", -> removed
  •      "select_game_story": { -> lots of changes
  •   "population": {
       "ascendancy": {
          "display_name": "The Ascendancy",
          "quote": "Sheep? Check. Hoe? Check. Swords? Check. Embark!",
          "description": "Earnest and hardworking, loyal and well-rounded. Citizens of the Ascendancy chop, build and farm, confident that the known world is theirs to inhabit.",
          "post_selection_description": ", a prosperious and industrious kingdom."
    "biome": {
       "temperate": {
          "display_name": "Temperate",
          "description": "Default biome type, with lots of greenery",
          "random_location_names": {
             "000": "Darkmoor Forest"
       "arctic": {
          "display_name": "Arctic",
          "description": "Snowy, with tall mountains and large water bodies",
          "random_location_names": {
             "000": "Valkyrie Tundra"
       "desert": {
          "display_name": "Desert",
          "description": "Dry and sandy, with chunky hills and sparse vegetation",
          "random_location_names": {
             "000": "The Desert of Pal'Mum"
    }, -> added
  •      "clay_bricks": {
          "display_name": "Clay Bricks",
          "description": "Used for clay structures."
       }, ->added
  •      },
       "golden_clay_doorframe": {
          "golden_clay_doorframe_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Golden Clay Doorframe",
             "description": "Matches a golden clay exterior wall"
       "red_clay_door": {
          "red_clay_door_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Red Clay Door",
             "description": "Keeps the indoors cool"
       "red_clay_window_frame": {
          "red_clay_window_frame_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Red Clay Window Frame",
             "description": "Let's the sun in."
       "blue_clay_door": {
          "blue_clay_door_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Blue Clay Door",
             "description": "Blue like a dream of ocean"
       "green_clay_door": {
          "green_clay_door_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Green Clay Door",
             "description": "Colored to match the desert"
       "blue_clay_window_frame": {
          "blue_clay_window_frame_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Blue Clay Window Frame",
             "description": "Lets in the desert air."
       "green_clay_window_frame": {
          "green_clay_window_frame_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Green Clay Window Frame",
             "description": "Lets in the soft desert air."
       "latticed_clay_window_frame": {
          "latticed_clay_window_frame_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Latticed Clay Window Frame",
             "description": "The lattice still lets the good air in."
          } ->added
  •      },
       "golden_gourd_crop": {
          "display_name": "Golden Gourd Crop",
          "description": "Much prettier than it is tasty",
          "growth_stage": {
             "003": {
                "name": "Green Gourds",
                "description": "Too bitter to eat"
             "002": {
                "name": "Proto-Gourds",
                "description": "Full of promise"
             "005": {
                "name": "Golden Gourds",
                "description": "Harvest now!"
             "004": {
                "name": "Green Gourds",
                "description": "Almost ripe!"
             "001": {
                "name": "Tiny Vine",
                "description": "Clingy"
             "000": {
                "name": "Seedling!",
                "description": "Just a tinly little stub"
             "011": {
                "name": "Rotten Gourds",
                "description": "Sadly inedible"
          } ->added
  •      },
       "decorative_teapot": {
          "decorative_teapot_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Decorative Teapot",
             "description": "A reminder of humble beginnings"
       "decorative_tray": {
          "decorative_tray_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Decorative Tray",
             "description": "Adds flash and hospitality"
          } ->added 
  •      },
       "prickly_pear": {
          "prickly_pear_basket": {
             "display_name": "Prickly Pear Basket",
             "description": "Eat carefully!"
          "prickly_pear_serving": {
             "display_name": "Prickly Pear Serving",
             "description": "Ow! Was that a spine?"
       "golden_gourd": {
          "golden_gourd_basket": {
             "display_name": "Golden Gourd Basket",
             "description": "Edible when raw, barely"
          "golden_gourd_serving": {
             "display_name": "Raw Golden Gourd",
             "description": "Raw gourd is... terrible"
          } ->added
  •      },
       "clay_bed": {
          "clay_bed_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Clay Bed",
             "description": "Uncomfortable, but gets you off the ground!"
       "clay_dining_table": {
          "clay_dining_table_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Clay Dining Table",
             "description": "Gets your food off the floor"
       "simple_clay_chair": {
          "simple_clay_chair_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Simple Clay Chair",
             "description": "Less dusty than sitting on the floor"
          } ->added
  •         "description": "Source of coarse fibers"
       "pear_cactus": {
          "display_name": "Pear Cactus",
          "description": "Harvest carefully for prickley pears.",
          "unripe_description": "It's the invisible spines that really hurt" ->added
  •         },
          "coarse_fiber_bundle": {
             "display_name": "Coarse Fiber Bundle",
             "description": "Rough and itchy" ->added
  •            "flavor": "And the Djinni said to Rayya: 'I have but one last wish to grant. Word it well.'" ->added
  •            "flavor": "'Close round us guard the spirits of night! As they dance and sway, free you'll be to dream the dark away.'" ->added
  •         "furniture_name": "Furniture and Decoration", ->added
  •         },
          "potter_kiln_recipe": {
             "description": "Hardens basic clay objects.",
             "recipe_name": "Potter's Kiln",
             "flavor": "'Through heat and hardship we realize our final selves.' -Silora, Acolyte of Rayya's Mystery "
          "building_parts_name": "Building Parts",
          "clay_bricks_recipe": {
             "description": "Used to make structures that stay cool even in great heat.",
             "recipe_name": "Clay Bricks",
             "flavor": "'And when Clay emerged from the Kiln, he had become Brick, and no matter how hard Sun blasted him, he remained cheerful.'"
          "red_clay_door_recipe": {
             "description": "Matches red clay walls",
             "recipe_name": "Red Clay Door",
             "flavor": "TODO"
          "red_clay_window_frame_recipe": {
             "description": "Matches red clay walls",
             "recipe_name": "Red Clay Window",
             "flavor": "TODO"
          "blue_clay_door_recipe": {
             "description": "Blue like the dream of distant ocean.",
             "recipe_name": "Blue Clay Door Recipe",
             "flavor": "TODO"
          "green_clay_door_recipe": {
             "description": "Green, like the few scrub in the desert.",
             "recipe_name": "Green Clay Door",
             "flavor": "TODO"
          "blue_clay_window_frame_recipe": {
             "description": "Lets in the bright desert air.",
             "recipe_name": "Blue Clay Window Frame",
             "flavor": "The dye is named Santori, for an acolyte who longed for the ocean."
          "green_clay_window_frame_recipe": {
             "description": "Let's in the soft desert air.",
             "recipe_name": "Green Clay Window Frame",
             "flavor": "It's a window's dream of spring...?"
          "latticed_clay_window_frame_recipe": {
             "description": "The lattice still lets the good air in.",
             "recipe_name": "Latticed Clay Window Frame",
             "flavor": "As the shadows move across the floor, child, see if you can find Monkey!"
          "clay_bed_recipe": {
             "description": "Uncomfortable, but it gets you off the ground",
             "recipe_name": "Clay Bed",
             "flavor": "TODO"
          "clay_dining_table_recipe": {
             "description": "Gets your food off the ground!",
             "recipe_name": "Clay Dining Table",
             "flavor": "TODO"
          "simple_clay_chair_recipe": {
             "description": "Somewhere to sit while eating",
             "recipe_name": "Simple Clay Chair",
             "flavor": "'Nests with the tables, ooo, symbolic!' --Nestor Adya, Acolyte"
          "decorative_teapot_recipe": {
             "description": "Reminder of humble beginnings",
             "recipe_name": "Decorative Teapot",
             "flavor": "'Wherever she went, the teapot did too, and even when there was nothing but cold water to put in, always out poured steaming tea, redolent with the aroma of Elsewhere.'"
          "decorative_tray_recipe": {
             "description": "Adds hospitality and flash",
             "recipe_name": "Decorative Tray",
             "flavor": "'Sugar, spice, and blood of the earth: it is the tray that brings them, and us, together' --Rayya"


  •            "description": "Workshop for making symmetrical clay goods" -> symmetrical added
  •      "potter_kiln": {
          "potter_kiln_ghost": {
             "display_name": "Potter's Kiln",
             "description": "Produces bricks and goods from clay."
       }, ->added
  •            "description": "Required to promote a hearthling into a Potter." ->required added

and last but not least … there is now a rayas children smod with an own language file ^^

also in ascendancy_population.json:

“display_name” : “i18n(stonehearth:data.population.ascendancy.display_name)”,
“kingdom_id” : “ascendancy”,
“favored_biome” : “stonehearth:biome:temperate”,
“quote” : “i18n(stonehearth:data.population.ascendancy.quote)”,
“description” : “i18n(stonehearth:data.population.ascendancy.description)”,
“post_selection_description” : “i18n(stonehearth:data.population.ascendancy.post_selection_description)”,
“image” : “/stonehearth/data/kingdoms/images/ascendancy_400x300.png”,
“story_board_image”: “/stonehearth/data/kingdoms/images/story_board_image.png”,
“starting_talisman” : “stonehearth:carpenter:talisman”,
-> added


@yshan in the ascendancy_population.json - there must be added the kingdom name :wink: or the displayname with the kingdomid replaced ^^

edit: For our Translators :wink: for tests use [SPOILER] “show_in_progress_ui” : true, [/SPOILER] in the usersettings and add something like “rayyas_children/locales/en.json” : “file(translations/de_rayya.json)” in your translation to override the en.json from there


The only thing working harder then my hearthlings are the DEV’s!
I’m calling this one the lucky 13alpha.Nice work and thank you!