Your dream ideas!

Ever since Yang took all those dream ideas on that one stream, I thought: Why not open a thread for it!? I’ll start with a few dream ideas of my own;

(Told from the perspective of a hearthling:)

This first one is based off of a dream that I actually had:

“I had a dream in which there was a very long pen attached to a house. It was full of sheep and bundles of wool… what ever could it mean…”

“I had a dream in which a warrior named Yang taught us how to shoot people in the knees with arrows.”

“I had a dream in which a demon named “Microsoft” tried to buy our world with gold. Fortunately, Cid turned it down.”

“I had a dream in which I was being baked into a giant pot pie.”

“I had a dream in which goblins were attacking our town, but all our weapons were replaced with corn, and our armor was made of feathers sewn together.”

“I had a dream in which all we could grow out of the ground were swords. We sold the swords in order to buy food.”

“I had a dream where I was chewing grass in the sheep pen, yet I was still a human.”

Here’s for my favorite neglected dream:

“I had a dream in which the dwarves were hoarding our socks”

That’s all for now folks, and see ya later!

while I missed the vast majority of last nights stream, I was definitely interested in the topic…

paging @yshan, in the event she can leverage this collection of dreams… :smile:

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Maybe just turn it into a general journal entry suggestion thread?

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I’m gonna add a few more!

“I had a dream in which I thought I was a Poyo, but wasn’t actually one. I tried to fit in the coop, But I couldn’t!”

“I had a dream where we ACTUALLY used bronze to make stuff, instead of iron or steel. Weird.”

“I had a dream that was very good, but I forgot what it was.”

“I had that reoccurring nightmare about the berries again!”

“In my dream from last night, all the jerky in the stockpile became a monster. It was very jerky to everyone.”

(For alpha 12 exclusively, a cook dream.) "I had a dream in which I was able to make flour at a cauldron, by weaving my hand together as if though I were knitting.

feel like that one would be better if it were berries…


“I had a dream that Cid spoke to me through a plushie toy rabbit?! I think I need to stop eating berries soon!”

“I had a dream that the Goblin King had long white hair and was singing to me! He introduced himself as David Bowie… Who’s David Bowie?”

“I had a dream I was a Wolf hunting Poyo’s! When I awoke I had a feather in my mouth… Weird!”

“I had a dream about a city of Gold! On a sign in a language I couldn’t read yet I instinctively knew what it was called! El’Dorado”

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Whoo! Dream entries! Thanks for the thread, everyone! I’ll put them in the list!


“i had a dream about a magic bean that could be brewed into a potion, known as coffee, and had the ability to, seemingly, raise the dead back to life.”

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“I had a dream where I had to save a kingdom from a monster that stole their veggie-making machine.”

“I had a dream where, of all things, a crocodile, stole all our food. Then he took it to a boat and stayed there”

(Shepherd dream) “I had a dream in which every time I named an animal, I turned into that animal. I had to name all the sheep and poyos, else wise I would continue turning into them.”

(Before you have a magma-smith) “I had the craziest dream! There was a man, who was able to raise magma out of the earth! That’s not possible, right!?”

“I had a dream where a kid beat up stuff using nothing but a stick, and magic. Odd.”

(First night only) “I had a horrible dream! I had a dream, where there were 6 other people, and we were all stuck in the- oh, wait… that wasn’t a dream.”

(If not on a bed.) “I counted beds to go to sleep. BEEEEDDS!”

“I had a dream in which a man with a strange box came down from the sky. He said some sort of demonic chant, like, ‘fuzzy pickles’ or something…”

“I had a dream where everything was made of paper and wood! We had to use sticks to prop ourselves up…”

(Shepherd dream) I had a dream in which a sheep bit me, and turned me into a sheep! But I could still talk. It was weird.

(Cook dream) I had a dream in which I was tiny, and a portly man said he was going to ‘Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew!’ Although I awoke before anything else could happen, I assumed he was talking about me."

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“I had a Dream where a Giant Dragon approached me!, and then she made a Kitten sound… Cute!”

(Since we don’t have Hearthling children yet)
“I had a Dream where there where little Hearthlings roaming around! What could’ve they been? Midgets?”

“I Dreamed about catching a Giant Fish! From a puddle!”

(Before the Ents)
“I had a dream where the Tree i was chopping trasformed into a giant and attacked me!”

(Cook before multiple workbenches)
“I Dreamed about a place where you needed more than a Spoon to cook stuff!”

“I had a Dream where i was bullying a Poyo and then a swarm of Poyo’s started attacking me!.. I am now a changed Hearthling”


“I had a dream, in which I was peacefully dosing off. The version of myself in that dream was also having a dream about me peacefully dosing off. This went on and on until I woke up.”

(If your shepherd has been slaughtering too many animals) “I had a nightmare. The heads of a bunch of slaughtered animals began surrounding me, until eventually blood started to flow from their eyes and necks. After a while, we all drowned in blood. I’ll never kill again.”

(Footman only) I had a dream in which I wielded a sword that could never be sheathed until it killed something. I got bored of holding it, so I killed a squirrel.

(Alternative blacksmith version) I had a dream in which I made a sword that could never be sheathed until it killed. The person I gave it to was incredibly angry, since it was made of bronze…

I had a dream, where, I ate so much food I literally transformed into a planet…

I had a dream where everyone praised a giant cake instead of Cid. That is, until a prophet told us our religion was a lie.

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woah… that second one is not at all family friendly or cutesy, and i can definitely see how that could give the little ones nightmares. i know its “just writing in a journal” but i still see that as a disturbing image, so im just going to sensor that

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Is it a normal thing that you can click censor, to make it go away?

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yes, its not actually a “sensor text” but its actually spoiler text, rather then getting rid of it i decided to just hide it. though come to think of it, that may have been a stupid idea on my part.

I had a dream where I was surrounded by orcs and Leeroy Jenkins was my friend, I don’t think it ended well

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(Before the addition of weather.) I had a dream in which a fluffy white substance called snow fell from the sky. We had to use those wool coats that had been gathering dust for a while… but it was fun!

I had a dream in which a small pink beast literally inhaled all our Poyos and went around saying their name as it did so.

(Lastly, a reference to the fact corn came from the Americas) I had a dream in which we had to import all our corn from some far-flung and distant land.

"I have a dream that one day on the grey mountains of [insert city name here], the sons of goblins and the sons of hearthlings will be able to sit down together at the table of berries.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the blockiness of their skin but by the stats of their character sheet.

I have a dre-" whoops wrong thread


I believe you, good sir, just made my day.

happy to be of service lol

I dreamed that all of us shared the same dream.

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