Ideas for the game!

Hello this page is dedicated to sharing ideas you had for the game and maybe one day Tom will read them.

#1 Before replying please read through the other replys and make sure that your idea has not been said yet
#2 Don’t add things that are inappropriate ie.) someone saying they should add a prostitution job
#3 Be creative! The sky is the limit and feel free to voice your opinion remember this game is based in a fantasy world so anything is possible if you’d like you could even draw a picture

Also it would be amazing if you shared this with some pals i’m interested to see how creative this community is!

I had an idea for a feast feature. Maybe you needed to get an abundance of certain types of food and then you can call your citizens for a feast. It could raise morale and give everyone a buff that makes them move faster for a while.
Feel free to add to this idea!

I know that you can just store stuff in caves and such but i find that if the items are on the ground and aren’t near a stock pile then the hearthlings will just leave it witch i find a bit annoying so i thought maybe id say that and suggest maybe making storage buildings i tried to do this my self but when i did there was just a constant red exclamation point above the building no error bug or what ever it just didn’t like that i remodeled one of the default buildings into a store house feel free to take what you will :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have more default buildings maybe for the time being try making a custom house and put lots of Vaults in them (If you don’t know Vaults are storage items that can hold 256 items. Its crafted by the blacksmith)

What if they added boats? Nothing too big just something likes canoes so that you could create river transportation systems?

It would be cool if you could build a statue of one of your soldiers (Knights, Archers, Footman, Cleric) once they reach Lv.6 This might only be the case for me but I like to think my Knight is the headmaster of my town and I would love a statue of him

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Regarding this thread and your first rule: Most of your suggestions already have been suggested in the past. That’s what the whole subforum is for.

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Oh thank you I searched up Ideas and the only thing that came up was ideas for mods

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You’re welcome. Tip: Searching for generic terms like “ideas” will likely get you nowhere. If you use the search function, just open the suggestions forum, click on the magnifying glass and check the box below the input bar saying “Search the #Suggestions category”. Just enter the keyword then, i. e. “boats”, “festivals” or “spiked pirate unicorns from mars”. This way you should be able to get better results and see if something has been suggested beforehand.

Alright thank you. This is the first forum I’ve ever joined and I only created this account today

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Then welcome to the club and enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

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sounds good :slight_smile: i didn’t know about vaults as i haven’t promoted any citizens to black smith before and welcome

I think Hearthlings should be able to fall in love and say if one dies, the one in love might mourn for a day or two but when Hearthlings are in love they have higher morale and can maybe have a family or something.