Some Suggestions/Ideas after 100 hours played

Hello Stonehearth community,

I’ve reached about 100 hours in game now and completed several successful cities. I thought I would throw some of my thoughts into the forums as I have greatly enjoyed my time in the game so far. At this point I struggle a little on things to do in the game and I wanted to offer some suggestions that are hopefully helpful.

  1. I would like some way to manage my custom buildings better. I completed one playthrough with a custom style and made quite a few different building designs for each purpose. I loaded up another playthrough with Raya’s Children and was looking forward to another unique custom style. Unfortunately I had a list full of buildings from my last playthrough and any new buildings became buried and difficult to find.

  2. I almost always turned my soldier off their job when there was not an invasion. It seemed wasteful to have them walking about when there was always tons of stuff that needed hauling! As the number of soldiers and hearthlings in general grew it became difficult to manage this. Some way to turn soldiers on/off their jobs quicker would be nice.

  3. One of the biggest problems this game has is a lack of scarcity. In the beginning it is tremendous fun because you are struggling to meet the needs of your hearthlings. As the game progresses your ability to meet this needs increases while the needs themselves stay constant. In order to keep a playthrough engaging the hearthlings need to develop harder and more sophisticated needs. I think of classic city builders like the Anno series or Zeus/Pharaoh. As I met the citizens needs the upgraded their housing and new needs were developed. This would push you to advance hearthlings in their careers.

  4. I think it would be cool to start a new game by choosing hearthlings from one of my current cities and sending them off to found a new colony. This would allow you to revisit old cities as they would have new needs now while also developing a regional feel for the game. I think something like this would greatly help the feeling that the world is empty beyond your borders. Somehow it feels a little sad to me that there are only 20 or 30 people in the world.

  5. There could also be tournaments or olympic games which you could send your knights/crafters to. This could result in unique or hard to get items/experience/prestige. As your town increases in prestige you could attract unique hearthlings or simply hearthlings with better base stats.

  6. I understand the programming limits on adding more hearthlings but perhaps we could add hearthlings which do not interact with the player but still live in the city. They would not have jobs and would not be taskable but they could eat food and walk about.

  7. Aging hearthlings who have to take on apprentices in order to pass on their skills could be a way to add continuous challenge to a playthrough. There could maybe even be distant cities that send their craftsman to study with your legendary crafters.


I’ve been thinking about this a lot, too. I kept saying to myself “if only I could place my custom buildings in sub-folders - it would make it so much easier to sort through it all”.

You can activate/deactivate Job under the Citizens Tab - this would change between patrolling or hauling very easily I believe.

If your computer can handle it, you can crank the maximum limit up to 50 in your game settings.

This should not be too different from the behaviour of pets; I’d say this is possible and “should” be somewhat straight-forward to implement.

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I soooooo want this ability. Having to run through the list of hearthlings to choose my fighting group each time there is a danger is NOT FUN, not when it happens so often.

@Relyss Is this possible? It is the one thing I forgot to ask about on DT. LOL I’m making a sticky this time so I don’t forget my couple of questions.

isnt there a “patrol behaviour” mod avalibale?

I know my soldiers no longer patrol stockpiles, and rather just haul all the time until an enemy is nearby.

  1. A lot of people have complained about this, and have requested having tabs added to the menu.

  2. In the beginning, I would do the same. But now, they gain experience while “patrolling”. As for a quicker way to turn their job off, I don’t see a faster way than the current of opening a menu and clicking a check box.

  3. This is currently achieved through their mood. Better food, better furniture, bigger buildings, better defenses, etc. all add to this. In the beginning, it’s all about keeping them alive. Later on, it’s about keeping their moods happy…all 50+ of them…

  4. I got nothing. This could be a fun idea, but I chalk it up with all the other adventure ideas everyone else has.

  5. See number 4. Also, the stats of your new Hearthlings are determined by a setting in the game. If you’ve got balancing on, they’ll always…balance. Turning that off so they have random stats…well can give you all sides of the spectrum.

  6. I suggested this a year or two ago, so I COMPLETELY support this idea.

  7. Apprentices are already somewhat in the game. If you have a high-level crafter, they can talk to a low-level crafter and help speed up their leveling to level 3.

I believe (haven’t tried it) that by editing the user settings file, you can set it past that even.

It isn’t a patrol mod that I want. I like to use my soldiers to haul items when they aren’t fighting. Having those 8+ hearthlings to pick up all the items is fantastic and just having them walk around is pointless, in my opinion. I would rather just summon them to fight when needed, but it would be nice if it wasn’t such a pain in the neck.

The patrol mod removes all the patrol points and adds a patrol flag. As long as none of these flags are placed, there are no points to patrol, and thus soldiers can’t do their job (patrol) and do their next priority: hauling

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Ah, thanks. I hadn’t realized it worked that way. I just might try it next time. :merry:

You have made a naming/taging mistake.
Add Rayya or R or something like this for their templates and Ascendancy or A or something like that for the ascendancy.
Now you will have a list while the ascendancy buildings come first but are all together like the rayya buildings wich come second.
But since I have suggested the same idea some time ago :wink: I really would like to be able to add tags or folders for the templates.

Yeah, it is an option but the soldiers, archers, clerics and knights are scattered through the citizens menu :frowning:

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated :smiley:

easiest way to turn soldiers off is already implimented for the rest of your hearthlings and can be designed around it its called call to arms and next to it you can have a button that you can click for on and off duty. can also have a small drop box to allow squads as this is also in game 1 you can have a Knight and a cleric in one group that you leave patroling while in group 2 a footman and archer tend to their civillian duties (hauling) till called up for militia work.

@tim1 Thank you again! I used the patrol mod and it is just what I wanted.