Creation of your own hero

So I always thought it’d interesting to be able to make a hero of our own. While you can have heroes rise from your village. I believe being able to create your own hero/adventure (Naming him/her, outfitting them, and so on) So that we could immersion ourselves into the Stonehearth with our own little adventurer on the side that ends up being the beloved king or instead the mighty hero that joins your troops in battle and helps defeat a titan when the threat arises. Along with that, you’d have ruins/dungeons scattered about your world for your hero to dive into and obtain rare loot that helps progress your village-town-city-military

Rare Loot ideas:

Blacksmith blueprint(s)>Create more efficient weapons/armor for your troops/hero.

Builder blueprint(s)>Create more efficient farms/tools/walls. New buildings/decorations

Magic tome(s)> Able to spawn a small skeleton horde to help turn the tide in a sticky battle.

These are just some ideas I thought of and figured why not toss it up. Feel free to post your own thoughts about this.


I’m not sure how I’d prefer to have it - either this way, or - you eventually level a villager up to a Hero, which enables you to do those things you’ve listed.


Agreed! Though for roleplaying purposes I wouldn’t mind being able to name said villager and so forth.


I like the idea. In fact…

We click new game, we have options for world density and what not, but we also can choose to design what our first [five] settlers look like.

A possible implementation?


“We click new game, we have options for world density and what not, but we also can choose to design what our first [five] settlers look like”

Digging that idea. If I had enough moolah I’d pay the 500$ just to sit down infront of Skype to discusses these ideas with them.

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We should all chip in and conference call.

If we have two other people, surely. Though I was thinking 5 people, each pays 100$ But one step at a time I s’pose.

Ha, I was joking. It would be cool to get to chat to them though - at least this way they can choose to ignore the bad ideas :smiley:

I have an idea! We shall give them sandwiches, no one can turn down a mighty damn good sandwich! And true >.> Only if I was a rich lazy bum v.v

Haha this went from a hero creation to a sandwich creation thread pretty quick.

I love the idea of being able to customizing your character but rather than doing it as an option, why not implement it into the game? All you can change is clothes and hair so have a class available for Tailor and Barber and any npc that stops in can be customized.

I would love the idea of not only a king but champions who go do all the adventuring and when they get back, the other NPC’s salute them or such :slight_smile:

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Ughhh! So many good ideas! Radiant Entertainment why u no do so! I actually sent them a message a while ago and they said it was a good idea, and will most likely be implemented as a expansion, which would make sense.

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Keep in mind that almost anything can be made with mods.

That being said, I read somewhere that they had another game design in mind for a completely different game where you would have a character and you would go about in worlds made in Stonehearth. Or towns, or whatever it said. Personally, I don’t think that’s a good idea, I think it should be included in an expansion down the road instead of a completely different game using one game’s assets. That doesn’t really make sense to me? Ah well.

I think you’re referring to this?

  • Can I take control of one of the guys in first person

“No. That’s a whole other game. I’m serious, we have a design for a whole new game where you play as an adventurer in cities and worlds built in Stonehearth. We have to finish Stonehearth first though. ;)”

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The OP idea is great. I would even be cool with being able to name a random villager, and work him up to the Hero status where he is my hero. Push that roleplaying angle even more where my guy was just a lone villager who raised to be the hero of the village and turn into the “avatar” that the OP was talking about.

I would definitely love that to be a feature in the vanilla game. Naming and creating your own villagers that is. If implemented I would want it to be optional though. I mean naming 1/100 villagers isn’t too bad but naming all of them could get tiresome. As far as the “hero” mentioned in the main post. I think I would prefer Hero to be a title rather than a class. Maybe they could implement a set of titles that carry special emotes. As mentioned earlier in this thread maybe a “Hero” title has a certain chance of having villagers salute. This opens options to other titles as well such as Master Scholars, and Grand Farmers each carrying a different set of animations that other villagers would react with. I think something like that would make the cities feel alive even if they’re solely aesthetic.

Dwarf Fortress has a game mode where you play as an adventurer. You can play several games, both adventure and city building in the same generated world and the events in one game will impact others.


I’m guessing Radiant is aiming for something like this.
Would be nice if your old adventurer could come visit your town and either settle down or be recruited to deal with those pesky titans.

I’m sure this has been brought up before now, but I was just thinking about this today.

With all the different units in the city are they all gonna be equal stat wise?

What I was wondering is, if there was going to be an option to make your own character. The one character that looks most customized to be your specific hero unit for your city. This unit would represent you in the city.

His stats could be trained and he could become more powerful than your average unit. In reality there is always a scale of best to worst, so if a city just has a bunch of units that are all equal then that would be strange.

all units should be able to grow stronger if they win in battle, but there should be one hero unit. The top tier, best unit in your city, who best represents the people he/she lives with. If the hero unit dies in battle there should be a second in command that takes their place and so on and so on.

Can this hero unit max out it’s stats, or would it continue to grow stronger if it keeps winning its battles until it dies naturally of old age?

This would also allow for one on one duels between cities which would make for a cool mini game competition.

I don’t believe they plan on issuing a “hero” per say. Stats are to differ based on the class and the higher up the tree the more advanced the tasks they can handle and the better they are at doing it. I imagine this would go the same for the military classes, but as far as a hero unit is concerned the issue becomes attachment. Hero classes are typically the players first choice in games and when push comes to shove they sacrifice anything to keep the powerful hero unit alive just knowing they’re better. I think the issue with this is it kind of destroys the relationship you’re supposed to have with your other units as well shifting the game to revolve around grooming your hero instead of taking care of the town and its welfare.

You will have powerful military units in the end though. I imagine a fully leveled soldier class would be the closest we get to a “hero” but there will never be a stock this guy is better than everyone at this. They all start out as workers and are cut from the same cloth. It is their levels and tiers that distinguish their power. Hope this helped.