Building lots and lots of scenarios - Scenario Ideas

No one has a monopoly on bright ideas!

The idea behind this thread is to help Radiant with this part of their game.

I think that as a community we can come up with some really great ideas for scenarios that fit the stonehearth universe.
Anything from the mundane to the gloriously complicated. Don’t be shy! Lend them your ideas.

I’ll start off with a mundane scenario, that can be easily implemented:

A little goblin strides in to town wearing a fantastic feather headdress (he obviously thinks he's a big deal)

"Stupid Human. You give me ____ now. Or me be back with friends and take them by force!"

Accept - Stockpile items are removed, and the attack is stopped.

Accept - Chance of "Bwuahahaha, me lied!" - Stockpile items are removed and attack happens anyway.

Decline - Me warned you! - A small group of goblins attack.

I’ll come with one.

The independent knights visit your town on their journey home. They are asking to sleep for one night before they continue.

OK - You will lose a bit of food and will need to have beds for them, but you will get faction influence (possible feature :D)

No - Lose faction influence

Very rare Scenario

One of your villagers has started studying the dark art of magic.

“With this new power, I can protect us! Please let me keep studying.”

Reject - Forbid Him From Studying. Take a happiness hit.

Accept (Positive) - Your villager becomes a mage of some sort! (Geomancer, etc)

Accept (Negative) - The dark arts takes the villager and he immediately goes necromancer and raises the dead in your villager to rise up against you.

A Nobleman approaches your town on his steed:

You there! The war between the Northern Alliance and the Ascendancy does not go in our favour. We need able bodies to join the fight. Will you supply us with X foot soldier(s) and help defend our great nation?

Accept: A Foot soldier goes off to fight.

Percentage chance that he will be slain in glorious battle. Percentage chance he will return a seasoned warrior! (+XP/Level)

Decline: The King shall hear of this insolence! (Reputation damage/or other minor penalty)

Different non-choice Scenarios

  • Wolves eating livestock
  • Rats ruining your food piles (Needs kitties or similar to clear rodents)
  • Plague has infected your village, you must collect x,y,z ingredients for your physicians (Or similar) to create a cure.
  • Zombie Flying Cthulu attacks your village, spawning zombies for every villager it kills.

I really like this one. :slight_smile:

Decline: Armed raiders come back an forcibly take food.


Scenario: Idle Hands

If one or more of your units is idle for a combined X% of a given day(s), the player is promoted with a request from the unit to "explore the surrounding area".

(Accept - positive) The unit is whisked away, and returns with some random "loot" she discovered whilst exploring (from the mundane to the exotic).

(Accept - negative) The unit is again whisked away. However, they are never heard from again. Perhaps he dies while on walkabout. Perhaps he joins up with some green skinned folk who promise him riches beyond his wildest imagination.

(Decline - positive) The unit returns to idling until there is an available task.

(Decline - negative) The unit takes a hit to her happiness value, and become even more unproductive once she returns to work.

in all scenarios, they player has to weigh the benefits of potentially losing a unit’s productivity/contributions…



One of your towns folk was taken in the night. The -faction- that hold -him/her- demand a ransom of -X- to be paid in -X- days.

Your scouts have already identified the location of the culprits!

Pay the ransom: Lose X from stockpile

Refuse the ransom: Villager is eaten/slain/buried in the ground up to their necks....

Fight the villians: Send out your foot soldiers to attack the enemy camp.

How about:

A -Class- runs in to your town. Clearly exhausted he falls at your feet gasping for air. "The Golbins... they attacked.. from nowhere.." He pleads for sanctuary before collapsing unconscious on the ground.

Accept - Grant the -class- sanctuary, knowing that you will have to face the goblins that give chase (you gain class)

Decline - Bar the windows and doors and leave them to fend for themselves.

Too dark? :stuck_out_tongue:

Could substitute the goblins with wolves, or anything really. Good risk versus reward scenario.


Never! I was thinking of a similar scenario… but the person you give sanctuary to ends up betraying you and kidnapping someone.


I sense a B movie spinoff!

A bulky man with a harsh accent strolls into your town. He demands to inspect the latest refugee wave, specifying that a certain "Sarah Connor" is his goal. Nervously, you glance at your list, and there is indeed a Sarah Connor in the list.

Accept- Sarah Connor is killed, and the man leaves your town.

Decline- He goes hostile, and you begin mobilizing the local militia.

Since there is no ‘faction influence’ right now, what could happen in the current game?

Decline: The knights come back and kidnap a maiden (spawning a rescue scenario).

The rescue scenario would be a big arrow on the map showing where the girl is being held and you have someway to move your footmen there and fight to reclaim her.

But if you want to do it in the current tech, you could use the Accept/Decline feature to send your footmen away (who would vanish) and either come back, come back with her, come back with less numbers, or never come back at all.

Well, when the Knights stay over, they could train some of your foot soldiers in the morning as a way of thanks (Increased XP/Level)

So it costs you food, and a bed (temporarily), but you gain experience.
If you decline, you keep the food and bed space, but lose the potential experience.


To add to this scenario, the nicer the bed he sleeps on, the building he sleeps in, and the food he eats… the more XP/Leveling he gives you or better any other reward he may give.


I like! :smiley::balloon:

Edit, as he is on his way home, he has no need for his exceptional iron sword, and offers it as thanks!

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Having a way to specify non-owned beds would work great for this situation–essentially guest buildings, or vacant housing.

Perhaps a way to assign a building as a temporary residency would open more influences on his reward? Such as sharing a house with people vs. having his own, what type of furniture is there, how big are the quarters. Obviously, loaning a private inn room might be a little nicer than dumping him in a house with three other settlers already.

A thuggish group appears with a proposal.
"You pay us # of 'x' per a day for protection. If not, who knows what might happen..."

Accept (positive)- You lose 'x' per day for protection until against goblins, wolves, raiders, etc...
Accept (negative)- You lose 'x' per day but they end up not helping in an attack.

Decline (positive)- They leave with no hard feelings.
Decline (negative)- They attack you and/or a fire starts randomly when they disappear.

Discontinue (positive)- They leave with no hard feelings.
Discontinue (positive)- When they leave [name] decides to stay behind!
Discontinue (neutral)- They leave but take double 'x' when they leave. (they take x2 what they took per day for one more payment before leaving)
Discontinue (negative)- They refuse to leave and increase the payment rate by x2.
Discontinue (negative)- They attack with intent to kill and/or leave taking a large amount of resources with them (they rob you).

This is a complex scenario with multiple outcomes and choices.

While harvesting the crop, your farmer saw a strange creature – (positive) It was a fairy! that granted him XP/item --(negative) it was a Turn-Imp which bit him! your farmer is now sick, he needs <ingredients x,y> to make an ointment to cure the bite.
-accept (positive) Recovers and is more resilient to Turn-Imp bites! +XP and resistance to Turn-Imps.
-accept (neutral) The farmer recovers.
-accept (negtaive) The farmer recovers but is some what afraid of working the fields – temporary penalty to working the farms

-Ignore (positive) he recovered and is now fine
-Ignore (negative) he became an Imp!
-Ignore (negative) he died!

Possible 3rd option.

-send a trapper to catch the turn-imp–
(positive) The trapper catchs the turn-imp.
(negative) The trapper’s been biten too! (start from top but without 3rd option)

  • If imp is captured –
    -Threaten to kill the imp? (positive) the imp offers to cure the farmer and grants a gift in return for it’s life.
    -Threaten to kill the imp? (negative) the imp curses your fields and dies in the process – temporary penalty to harvesting

-attempt to tame the imp? (positive) you tame the imp as a companion, who heals the farmer and joins him in working the fields (or becomes a combat companion for a caster class or becomes a stand alone fighting unit)
-attempt to tame the imp?
(negative) The imp escapes during the taming process!
(negative) The imp dies, when fed berries! Berries are poisonous to imps thats
why they eat vegetables!
(negative) the imp bites the trapper! (start from top but without 3rd option)