Poll: Most requested gameplay feature!

What we need is a better building designer. Floors, different kinds of windows and doors, the ability to move the house you designed before building it, and a way to share building templates!


i would say mining, that way we could mine to perhaps build stone walls, towers, gates etc. to stop goblins from getting inside?

like subterranean mole people to trade with

Mainly, I think the absence of scenarios means that right now we have two scenarios: the Peaceful Sandbox and the Survival Sandbox. One or two mode-specific challenges might give players some focused gameplay in Alpha 6 and probably prompt players to suggest “I totally would have won that [faster] if you guys put feature X in the game.”

In the current Peaceful Sandbox scenario, I’d like to see more building options, roads, and scenery improvements like water and bridges over them. Maybe the Rancher or Shepherd profession to create more varied food and crafting options.

For the Survival Sandbox scenario, I’d like to see the Archer, Miner, and Blacksmith classes; defensive items like palisades or traps; new monsters; and towers (and a legit reason to build them, too).

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I hope we get some “open ended” scenarios. Stuff like “collect X resources” would be flat out boring. “Survive X waves of enemy attacks” is better. “Build a palace worthy of your king!” leaving the player to have to construct a single building containing X-worth-of-“vaue” would be amazing. It’s not overly challenging, but it means the player gets to construct what they like.

Same could be said for something like “build defenses in the indicated areas” The player could just build maximum-efficency purely high stone walls, or they could get complex with towers and pits and moats, or even just chain up some nasty animals in a line or something!

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The “build defences” one might be a bit complicated to carry out (“I built one spike trap, scenario complete, 10,000 gold reward” etc :stuck_out_tongue: ), but if you have any suggestions for events/scenarios etc, there’s a thread around here for posting them in. Here we go :slight_smile: :smile:


Of course, the simplest way to test your defences is for a wave of enemies to attack!


One feature that would be extremely helpful right now is a quick inventory list, so when I’m trying to decide to fill a traveling merchant request, I know how many of that item I have and how many I have yet to make.


do yaks count as denizens @SteveAdamo


Just adding a note: Paths will help for you to organize your town.

i would really like that if you fx. had two carpenters then they would share orders, cant really see the point of having more than one atm.:slight_smile:

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Strike the earth!

I want mining. Mostly because I want to rock out underground. No pun intended.

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Adding my own idea here: an option to go back to start menu.

That would be a big help because I don’t want to have to close and reopen a game every time I get a bad map. (I’m picky like that)

I’m surprised by the number of water votes. It’s impressive.

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Had to go mining myself as well.

Just too much goodness under the ground, plus being able to finally dig out those pesky cliff faces and make stairways between levels is gonna be awesome.

Also mining means ore, and ore means blacksmith, and blacksmith means weapons, and…ya you get the rest. :smiley:

Of course I’m pretty much equally excited about everything on that list. :stuck_out_tongue:

I asked this a loooong time ago, but I don’t think it was ever answered. I would love to be able to maybe make things like black glass furniture and items with the magma smith. Has there been anything said about anything like that? Also maybe alternate things like lava lamps or lava lamp light polls. I think that would look pretty cool. Sorry if this was already answered.

I went for mining because that opens so many possibilities to change and sculpt the landscape. Just thinking about digging out an underground lair for my people to live and store their goods and be safe from the harsh outside world (Goblins! :slight_smile: ) makes me so eager to play it.
Very close second would be class improvement, I would love to see more classes and more goodies to be build and planted and stuff.

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It was so hard to choose from the list!! I wish I could see them all in the game right now!!! But that’s just the inpaitence of me screaming out! LOL. I understand to build a GREAT game it takes time. :smile: You guys are doing a fantastic job by the way!! Thank you and I am glad I invested into this game. Well worth the price …

I really want to see more monsters and creatures. Also combat upgrades. I think it would be really cool to have goblin camps that spawned in your world which you had to deal with. I really love the idea of having like 5-10 footman with upgraded armor going to town. Also going along with the mining idea there definitely needs to be skeletons and undead inside the mines that can spawn and come out to eat your farmers


It also opens up so many classes for the class progression (because we would get the miner, blacksmith?, an ore person, and I believe a couple others)