April 1st 2016 DT question: Class Talents Cross-Over

Hello again guys and @sdee , Steelmark here.

After watching the early DT, i wondered something about the class progression system.

After a Footman gets levelled to level 2 you will be able to upgrade them into a knight. This is all well and good however what were to happen if you waited till your footman was max level and has unlocked all his traits. Will the new knight have the increased damage from his previous class or will it only affect him when he is a footman.

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quick answer … he will lose all skills from the footmen but when you downgrade him to a footmen again he will get them back ^^


Ah cheers i was just wondering as it would break the combat of the game

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Hmm I was wondering about that as well. It makes sense though - otherwise you could rotate all your Hearthlings through all jobs to create a super tribe :smiley:


Along the lines of this question, Final Fantasy Tactics had a similar “job” concept. Except that you could choose to import abilities from one other profession you knew.

So it would be interesting if we had an archer with at least 4 levels in Knight, he would unlock the “wear heavy armor” trait. And from that point on, the archer could make use of one trait from another profession. In this case, you could have a heavy armored archer.

Of course this is merely an example, but with careful planning I think that system could add a lot to the game. Like cooks that still farm (although I think that’s already a thing now), or builders that can concoct (only) healing potions. Things like that, on essence, a low tiered ability cross classing.


along with what @Wiese2007 , if you waited till your footmen was lvl 6 to promote to knight, it would take the same amount of exp as lvl 7 in order to get to lvl 1 knight

hope that helps/makes sense…


Will the knight keep there HP bonuses from leveling up as a footman?


The HP bonus you get on level up is dependent on your race, not your class. So all humans get 10 HP every time they level up, regardless of profession.

The HP bonus you get just from being a footman is not kept when you upgrade to knight, but you might get a new/eqivalent one depending on how the knight balancing works out.

Thanks for thinking it out with us!


So there EXP needed for the next level up as a knight will increase if they where a higher level footman before classing up but they will not keep the HP.
So basically we need to decide who is going to be what before they reach level 2 footman.

I won’t be able to get an super tank that is equivalent to level 12 and a HP boost of 120 HP.

Also I was thinking as an end of campaign reward that you could get given a job item (you can only get one)
that classes up a footman level 6 to a hero, would get massive boost to attack and HP and will have skills that boost courage for your other hearthlings.


Ok thats really well explained @sdee thanks. I have another question if thats ok. What are your thoughs on allowing a player to have multiple villages? It would be great to know.

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Right now we’re going to focus on 1 village; having multiple would probably require another pass for performance optimizations. :slight_smile:

Ok @sdee thanks for replying even though you have a busy schedule. What you said makes sense i was just wondering as i have a thread for mutiple villages and have been wanting to play with my friends. Other than that i have no wants or needs from stonehearth as you keep bringing features out that make the game exciting to play.