Classes? yes, Classes!

First and foremost: after skipping a couple of alphas overall gameplay has improved a lot.
The building process is ridiculous as ever, great to read this is getting revamped soon - hope in a timber’n’stone kinda fashion and getting rid of this cant edit after building.
Sorry - classes was the subject: so putting building aside surprisingly the current class system was the gameplay element that irritated me the most.
As good as any class is implemented, many if not most interdependencies simply dont make sense.
Farmer->Cook: come on man, I never grew a crop but nevertheless can be a decent cook.
Trapper->Shepperd: you can care for animals without ever placing a trap
Mason->Potter: by no means related at all
Herbalist->Cleric: imho unrelated as well - at least a cleric should be able to do herbalist tasks
Progressions that make sense:
Blacksmith->Engineer (but the handling to get a second smith to level xxx to promote to engineer is … strange… to say the least)
Footman->Archer, Footman->Knight - fine and makes sense

Conclusion: don’t squezze in forced class changes just to have it. more spezialized classes will blend in over time.

Finally: traits (and conversations) are great gameplay elements - and i’d like to see more class related traits.
comeone - everbody (and not one out of ten heartlings as in the current alpha) has some ideas of her/his favorite occupation…


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