Game suggestions: More for engineers, flying enemies, Offensive trappers and herbalists

Heya… I’m addicted to the game, and I’ve been playing a lot lately. Here are some suggestions based on my encounters and frustrations:

*Currently underutilized
*Should be able to build conveyor belts that will transport goods
**Input could be for mining goods, looted booty, lumber, or produced goods
**Output could be at a container or stockpile
***Mountain mine dumps mined materials to a stockpile in your base
***Cooked food is moved to a dining hall container (or a remote work location)
***Ingots moved to a container near Engineers
*Mobile Engineer weapons
**Air Defense (for flying enemies below)

Flying enemies (dragons?)
*I can easily build a moat around my base and avoid all enemies… Later in game, flying enemies should appear to challenge my fortification

Trappers can advance to ranger/hunter offensive units
*Can tame wolves to use in battle
*Can eventually tame dragons(?) or other flying units

Herbalists can advance to Shaman
*AOE damage spells and light healing
**Lightning storm(?)
**Not as good of a healer as clerics

Blacksmiths have chance to create fine/amazing(?) armor and weapons
*Fine armor and weapons have +10% stats over regular weapon/armor
*amazing(?)/legendary/whatever weapons have a very slim chance to be created but have +20% over regular weapon/armor

Ability to have offensive party/army wait until all party members are nearby before attacking
*It’s annoying that footmen arrive first and are usually almost dead before the Knights and Clerics arrive
*Currently I have to have the party Defend a location and wait until the Clerics show up

Mine Stairwell
*In addition to the 4x4 and 1x1 options, have miners dig 4x4x1 at the top level, 4x3x1 at the second level, 4x2x1 and 4x1x1 at lower levels
*I can do this in game, but I have to be there when the miners show up and have them mine each level lower. It just gets tedious to manage.

Seconding other people’s comments
*Hospital beds
*I find that the Better_Stockpiles mod is essential to managing a larger village… it should be implemented in game as default



Oh yeah, and priority jobs
*Goes to top of the work list
**Loot this now
**Render First Aid now
**Mine this now


I would love being able to create conveyor systems as you said, but I wonder whether this fits into the frame of the Stonehearth world.