All My Suggestions

After playing this very enjoyable game for a ridiculous number of hours, I have a little input for you guys.

Requested Features

  • I would like to see a way to delete saved building designs and organization for the designs (like tabs for housing, warehouses, crafting shops, community structures, ect.)
  • I would like to be able to design buildings with furniture I don’t currently have on hand.
  • I would like a Combat or Adventure sort of mode in addition to Normal and Peaceful.

Suggested Content

  • Bunkbeds
  • Mushrooms as a growable crop underground
  • Higher class decorative items such as pianos and bookshelves
  • The Goblin campaign to expand to Orcs and Trolls or Ogres
  • Groups you can ally with against harder challenges later on
  • Fishing
  • Sickness and Medicines
  • Alchemy and Potion-making
  • Healers, Necromancy and perhaps a Tinkerer Class
  • More things that increase happiness, such as Religion and Art
  • Dangers in the wild such as dangerous animals, traps, or cursed arias/objects that will turn your hearthlings into frogs or whatever
  • Wandering Ents who don’t attack unless you chop down trees near them

Stuff I Love Already

  • You guys have a great attitude toward advice, and both the devs and the community are supper positive
  • I love that the trapper can tame pets – that’s still one of my favorite parts
  • Love the look at feel of the game. It’s a fun place to hang out.
  • I am looking forward to you expanding the fantasy-like elements (I love fantasy)

Thanks for making a great game. Keep up the good work.


Hey @Hearthling thanks for grouping all your suggestions here in one place, it helps reduce discourse clutter.

Many of your ideas are confirmed for later down the road, others have been tossed around, and I do see a few things I’ve never seen before. Most of your suggestions I agree with, one thing I don’t agree with would be “fishing” as it is always the slow part of a game. And I believe @tom said fishing wouldn’t make it in (can anybody confirm or deny that?)

I thought Tom mentioned fishing to be eventually added several times the last few weeks. Did they turn around on that stance?

I recognize a few of these suggestions, especially the latter half of the suggested content. Here’s a few links to see what everyone’s already been chatting about on the Discourse:

Medicine/Diseases (Class Concepts)
Plague (Biological Warfare)

Necromancy (Class Concept)
Scenario-based Class Concepts (Necromancer discussed)

Class Suggestions (Watch out, this is a big one.)


Hope this provides some interesting reading material, if you didn’t spot any of these yet!

Thanks for the feedback and the links. Sorry for the repeat content, I don’t actually read everything here.

I do agree that fishing is boring in most games; but I also think that it could be done with a simple gathering zone in Stonehearth. Much like the Trapper. But I certainly won’t be heartbroken if I never see it.

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