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Yeah the monster spawn rate is a function of your population and the amount of time that has passed. I think there was a post about it, and I remember them explaining it on a desktop Tuesday.

I don’t think it is avoidable. When Hearthling’s health is low, they run away from the enemy attacking them. However, once they are far enough away they will not be scared anymore (I think a high spirit value helps here) and attempt to attack again. If they are hit again, they will likely attempt to run away - and this will repeat until the enemy is deal or they are healed/killed.

@linda or @Albert should be able to provide more details - and if there is any good way to avoid this.


Yeah this exact pattern happened to me the whole time. Then i got a cleric xD. Problem solved

Yeah, i just find the monster spawn rate and strengh a bit too high for just having 15 citizen. Well not exactly strengh more like theyre hp. Or defense.

I am now assuming that you are playing on hard mode. At 15 citizens is when the kobold archers begin to appear, along with their Orge, gate smashing buddies. There is a vast difference between normal and hard mode in the amount of spawns your receive each day as well as the toughness of the creatures (they have more HP, higher defense and do more damage.)

In normal mode a group of four or five well equipped Soldier with a cleric can hold off almost anything that is thrown at you. On hard mode you will want to have a Soldier to citizen ratio of about 1:3 varied based on your experience and terrain.

Hard mode plays differently from normal mode in that defense and military power are the focus.

On normal mode, the encounters are fairly easy and are meant to give a little spice to the game as you build your town or creations. Most of the encounter are not game ending if you react to them quickly. (of course, murphy’s law and bad luck may say other wise)

On hard mode, you must start off thinking defensively, in that the encounter difficulties will easily out scale your ability to survive if you are not taking the proper actions to mitigate their attacks.

This starts with creating your initial group. I always roll till I have at least two decent warrior types (Body & Spirit) as well as have two crafter types (Mind & Body).
Having one Healer type (Mind & Spirt) is also good.
Remember on hard mode, you are going off to battle, building is what you do to make sure you win. On normal mode you are focused on building and Soldiers keep that from being interrupted.

The next thing is location. Look for bottle neck location (only one way in), or mountains and hills (going dwarf). If you decide to go with open plains be ready to build walls as quickly as you can. This can be as simple as a two block high wall surrounding you starting area. Again on hard mode you want to develop your fortification quick and early to allow you to build up your military.

There is much more advice on this matter but this should give you a start.

Thats weird, you see im playing on normal mode…
And im getting 2 ogers and 4 -5 elite kobold archers. I need 2 clerics so mu knights wont die cause of the ridiculous damage the archers throw at me. Im starting to need a 3rd cleric just cause my knights are almost dying the whole time.

I was thinking you were talking about the initial spawn of denizens once you hit a population of 15. With the arrival of the elite and master kobolds which I think happens around population 20, the requirement for dedicated tactical combat becomes very apparent whether on hard or normal. With the complex attacks presented by the different kobold sorties you can no longer just plant your flag and expect to have no losses.

The level of danger is also increased by the speed that they descend upon your settlement. It is important to have defense in depth to protect your Heartlings and allow time to mount an effective response or counter attack. Such as having double gates or obstacles to disrupt their advance.

One of the issues is that the Footman easily outrun their support, I make sure to use the move command to create rally points (by repeatedly halving the distance till they all meet in vicinity of the adversary).

It is important to ensure that you disrupt the kobold archers by putting pressure on them with your archers. Even a small amount of damage can cause them to displace for a few seconds, which allows the cleric(s) to catch up on healing. Slowing arrows are extremely important as well to slow down the melee dps to allow your knight and footman to retrograde back to the cleric(s) or behind a defensive fortification. Another use is in dispersing the enemy melee which is important in that it prevents them from focusing only on the knight, one way to do this is once the knight makes initial contact, move them back while targeting the melee with slowing arrows.

Herbalist potions are a life-saver at this point. The energy tonic increase speed which allows your Soldiers to retrograde or harry the enemy. The stamina potion give a little extra HP gain to give them sustainment and the strength potion increases dps, (the quicker you kill the enemy the less damage they do over time). You can pop all four potions (speed, stamina, strength and courage) at the same time and they stack.

Don’t wait till your Soldiers are at a quarter health to think about retrograding back. I have often engage the enemy inflict some damage and then fell back behind defensive barriers (Double or Triple gates) to heal up and then reengage. It is important to focus enemy healers and eliminate them to prevent the enemy from healing up. Having separate groups for this helps. Because you can have your main group fall back behind a gate while a single archer in the other group draws their attention away (especially the orge to prevent them from breaking the gate.)

Hopefully some of these tactics will help.

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