How in depth goes armor?

Ok i got a question. When the game releases it will be possible to craft armor and weapons in game. But till how far is armor split up? Is it like only Gloves helmet and outfit. Or all parts like Helmet, gloves, leggings, Chest and Shoes?
If you wanna mod armor this is quite important xD.

Well, in the medieval times there were many layers of armor that soldiers used (especially knights). I don’t think they are going to do this in depth, but I would hope they will allow for Chest, Arms, legs, boots, and head locations.

If nothing else, I would like the ability to customize the look /color of my armor, and to be able to create heraldry that my soldiers would wear on Tabbards.

the number of “inventory slots” isnt overly excessive, ala MMO gear slots… here’s a recent comment from the campaign:

We will have individual slots for gear, but probably less slots than
you see in an MMO, where there are like 13 gear slots! Something like:
head, body, hands, feet, main hand, offhand. So you will be able to
craft and mix-n-match gear.


Ok thanks! ill upload my first armor set soon :smiley:

This sound so promising really like the hand, offhand option dual wielding axes man WOEHOEEEE I think those slots are more than enough.

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Dual wielding axes? I think you mean dual wielding shields.


Dual-wielding Shields? I think you mean dual-wielding Axe-Shields.


Take the Armor script
Add a variable and call it armor_strength
Then take the combat script and add a snippet of code to say “If you get Hit then armor_strength - 1” (or any value you want)
When armor_strength = 0 then the armor is destroyed and/or is unusable until repaired.

Sorry for the Necro, but I was wondering if we had any new information concerning armor in the game and how it will function, as well as if dual wielding will be possible?

Cant wait for the combat update!!!

Thank you!

no worries on the necro! and nothing comes to mind, but my powers of recollection seem to be dwindling more and more these days… i think @Geoffers747 is feeding my tainted Gatorade again… :unamused:

It’s raspberry. But it’s blue. Blue raspberry. Madness.

Like Steve I don’t think there has been a mention of it, but I’m sure it’ll be one of those things that comes sooner rather than later, we’re gonna need some protection against the sheep hordes right?

I would say probably a few centimeters. Split up right until the limbs, maybe a bit more. Unsure about female armor, might provide more freedom.

Thank you, I’m here every Saturday!

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with footman right around the corner, i would concur! :smiley:

lovely play on words… +1 internet points for you sir…