DT : The Knight



lol just the second i click sent to add the pic its refresh and shows a pic xD @8BitCrab


i’ve been waiting since they posted the video, to post this to the discourse, and of course the moment i go grab a bite to eat it gets posted to the dev blog :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Great DT, but I’m looking forward to use archers in game. Finally my walls and towers in city will be useful in other meaning than fencing off monsters :smiley:

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Question: Will there be any way to prioritize who gets the best armor? or is it first-come-first-served? Would the unit with more exp get the better armor?

for example, if I make a mid-range armor that both footmen and knights can equip, can I somehow direct my knight to grab it, since they’ll be soaking more damage?

just curious, looks great!

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well i know that armor and weapons are going to be level based, so a lvl 0 footman can’t use iron armor and weapons, only cloth padded vests wooden bucklers and stone mauls. or something like that, i dont know the exact level requirements yet, but thats the gist of how its going to work.

hope in some way that helps answer your question :slight_smile:


nic!I like the knight!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m still holding out for manual equipment management [which could probably be done as a mod if all else fails] so I can do a bit of Hearthling dress-up.


me too mate, but hey, at least we’re getting something better than what we currently have :slight_smile:


Loving the look of these different class roles, will really help differentiate the knight from just being “tougher melee unit”

I really love it when a game uses different behaviors to make the game varied and interesting, as opposed to simply changing numbers for the invisible dice rolls.

That being said, sounds kind of weird to have “Footmen” being called high fast damage dealers when their name and early role sounds more like they should always be weak “fresh recruits”. Maybe it’s just poorly worded, and it’s better to say that they’re simply more numerous and faster and hopefully taking less aggros, as opposed to being “high damage dealers”

It would be nice for the footmen to always have a sort of “low level” appearance with only very basic weapons and shields, like medieval armies where comparatively poor farmers or peasants would have to provide their own equipment. I loved having my favorite/toughest Footman wearing the best gear in my games, so it will be nice to be able to promote my “leader” to Knight, and to look the part!

I suppose that kind of element would make more sense if ALL of the town residents could form a basic militia when needed, and it would make sense for them to be a sort of low level cannon-fodder.

COHERENT QUESTION - Will the game ever generate job titles for characters? On one hand it would be cool for characters to have job titles, or earn special, generated titles like in Dwarf Fortress. On the other hand I also like the specific attention that I get to put in as a player when I manually rename a character “Captain such and such” to make him special.